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Jane Animal Hospital offers a multitude of veterinary services to help your pets lead long and happy lives.  Because pets have shorter lifespans, it is very important for them to visit their veterinarian at least once per year for an annual wellness examination and consultation.  Preventive care is the best way to help find and prevent potentially serious health problems.

Animals being cared for at Jane Animal Hospital

At Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto, ON, we offer a range of services for pet owners in our area. We believe that pets can live happier, healthier lives if they receive regular treatments from a veterinary professional. At Jane Animal Hospital, we administer the following services to pets:

Pet Exams, Vaccinations & Wellness

Our wellness services in Toronto help us catch diseases and medical conditions in their early stages, adding years to your pet’s life. During our wellness exams, we’ll do the following:

  • Look over your pet’s fur, coat, eyes, ears and body.
  • Discuss upcoming medical procedures and answer your questions.
  • Take a sample of your pet’s blood and feces for testing.
  • Make recommendations for future treatments.
  • Nutritional & Behavioural Consultations
  • Microchipping
  • Pet Licensing


Our vet diagnostics services in Toronto are critical because they:

  • Ensure timely treatment of your pet’s conditions.
  • Help you maintain your pet’s quality of life.
  • Help speed your pet’s recovery.

At Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto, we have a variety of diagnostic services that ensure your pet will get the medical services he or she needs.


When your pet needs surgery, Jane Animal Hospital is there. Our state of the art pet surgery services in Toronto include everything your pet needs in order to be comfortable and to recovery quickly. We also have access to a laparoscopic specialist. We provide the following services to our patients:

Pet Dentistry

Pet dentistry services in Toronto are important for the quality of life of your pet. Without pet dentistry, your pet could experience extreme dental discomfort and could lose teeth. At Jane Animal Hospital, we perform the following procedures, including:

  • Tooth examinations. We’ll evaluate the state of your pet’s dental health.
  • Tooth Cleanings. We’ll remove the plaque from your pet’s mouth and make your pet’s teeth clean and beautiful.
  • Tooth extractions. When your pet’s teeth become infected, our tooth extractions can help restore your pet’s dental comfort. We can also perform extractions to removed diseased or damaged teeth, and advise you on easy dental hygiene techniques you can administer to your pet between visits.
  • Tooth brushing lessons. We’ll also show you how to take care of your pet’s teeth, starting with lessons on tooth brushing. Knowing how you can take care of your pet’s teeth will help you take care of your pet and will ensure that your pet’s breath will be fresh, which can improve your overall relationship with your pet.

Our Etobicoke pet dental services include:

  • Dental XRays.
  • Dental Cleanings.
  • Extractions of Fractured Teeth.
  • Tooth Abscess.
  • Oral Surgery: Oral Tumours, Biopsy and Excision. 
  • Periodontics: Treatment of periodontal disease, Teeth Scaling and Polishing, Root Planing.
  • Dental Radiology: Permanent Tooth Assessment for Puppies, Dental Disease, Oral Tumors.
  • Multi-Modal Therapies for Feline Oral Problems.

For more information about diagnostics, wellness, surgery, and dentistry services in Toronto, contact Jane Animal Hospital at (416) 762-5558. We'll be happy to take your call and make an appointment.

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