Pet Insurance

Life insurance, home insurance, car insurance: you have to protect your investments. Your pet is an investment, too, in a way. You put a lot of money, time, love, and care into their well-being, so of course, you want to do everything you can to ensure your pet has the best quality of life.

This means being ready for those unthinkable situations, such as a serious injury or illness. With pet insurance from a veterinarian in the Toronto area, you won’t have to fear for your pet’s long-term health as much.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance pays for your pet’s care in emergency situations. For instance, if your pet was struck by a vehicle and needs surgery, you know your insurance would kick in. Similarly, if your pet got sick without warning and it turns out to be a serious illness, you wouldn’t have to stress about how to come up with the payments for the diagnostics and treatment.

Other services typically paid for under this insurance are preventative care, hospitalization, and medications when your pet has diabetes, hyperthyroidism, chronic kidney failure, urinary tract infections, skin hotspots, skin allergies, ear infections, and more.

If your pet has a congenital condition or cancer, needs diagnostic testing (like MRIs, ultrasounds, or x-rays), requires surgery, has a bite wound, ingested an inedible item, or has a bone break or fracture, treatment should also be paid for.

Why get pet insurance?

The biggest reason to get pet insurance is for the pet owner’s benefit. The above treatments can be terribly expensive. Having to pay for these suddenly can be a real financial strain for most pet owners.

In fact, if a pet owner cannot afford the care their cat or dog requires, they may skip it altogether. This can be detrimental to a pet’s long-term health and could even shorten their lifespan. With pet insurance, there’s no need to deny a pet the care they so desperately need.

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