Nutrition Counselling

Personalized diet plans to support your pet’s growth and development.

Here at Jane Animal Hospital, our team of licensed veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians offer nutritional consultations. This service is part of our comprehensive treatment program to help our pets and pet owners. We have everything you need right here in our clinic: vitamins and specialty formulas for pet foods, blood testing for nutritional deficiencies, and so much more. Come visit our veterinarian today and see how we can support your pets' nutritional needs. Call us at 416-762-5558 if you wish to learn more about our nutrition counselling services.

What are pet nutritional consultations?

A nutritional consultation allows a veterinarian to take a detailed look at your pets' health and wellness from a food perspective. We may start with a blood and/or urine analysis to determine if pets are suffering from any deficiencies in their diets. We may also conduct a coat check for skin allergies. This helps us see if there are any outlying indications that your pet may be lacking certain nutrients or minerals. We may also provide digital X-rays for our pet patients. This is useful to help look for any internal damage or blockages that might be causing stress or dysfunction in your pet's system. 

Our technicians are here to assist with diet choices as well as weight management. We can assess your pet's current body condition score and determine their ideal weight goal. We help assist with feeding amounts, and regular weigh ins to help you through your pet's weight loss journey. 

What therapies do you offer for pets with nutritional issues?

We have an array of services and treatments at our disposal to assist your pets if they are suffering from allergies or deficiencies. This includes skin treatments and lotions, as well as supplements and vitamins focused on improving these conditions. We also have specialty foods and diet information to help pets that are overweight or malnourished.

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