The only permanent, reliable way to identify a lost pet.

Getting your pet microchipped can save their life. The odds of a lost pet being returned to their owner increase as much as 50% when they have been microchipped. As with any technology, there are bound to be several questions that come up. Our team has put together some information to help pet owners understand the importance of microchipping their loyal companions. Call us at 416-762-5558 for more details on our microchipping services for pets.

Is microchipping my pet painful?

Microchipping your pet is no more uncomfortable than giving them a vaccine injection. The microchip is inserted during a visit to the veterinarian and the chip is undetectable to the naked eye.

What is inside of a pet microchip?

This tiny chip is no larger than a grain of rice and is injected into the epidermis of your pet. The chip will transmit radio waves that can be picked up by a scanner that can read the information stored within. This method has saved many animals' lives over the years and continues to be a powerful asset in keeping pets safe.

What information is stored in the microchip?

A microchip contains your contact information and your pet's ID numbers assigned by your veterinarian. There is no GPS functionality placed inside the microchip.

How can microchipping reunite me with my pet?

While microchipping cannot provide you with GPS functionality, it can provide a way to bring your pet home. If your pet is picked up by local animal services, they will be able to scan your pet for any microchips. The microchip inside your pet will let them know about any information pertaining to your pet and you will be notified that your pet has been found.

Benefits of a T-Chip (Biothermal Microchip)

The t-chip offers all of the benefits of a regular microchip with the additional benefit of being able to measure your pet’s temperature at any time. That means you can tell whether you need to contact an emergency veterinarian by simply checking an app on your phone.

If you’ve ever had to take your pet’s temperature yourself, you know how HUGE this benefit is for pet owners and the pet alike. Think about it, a one-time injection makes it possible for you to measure your pet’s temperature as many times per day as you’d like for a lifetime. Then you know if you need to schedule a pet exam or emergency visit because you suspect your pet is ill.

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