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Orthopedics for Toronto Pets at Jane Animal Hospital

Is your beloved pet having trouble getting around these days? Perhaps he has an injured joint, or maybe a degenerative condition is causing debilitating pain and stiffness. You no doubt wish that you could help him, and you can, with the aid of Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto. Our veterinary clinic is proud to offer state-of-the-art orthopedics that can improve your pet's mobility and comfort, from nutritional support to advanced forms of surgery. 


Common Orthopedic Conditions Affecting Animals

Humans and pets both owe their mobility to the presence of numerous articulated joints in the body. These joints vary from simple hinge-style joints that move in one direction to versatile ball-and-socket joints that provide a wide range of motion. Unfortunately, joints tend to be both complex and vulnerable to damage, with several components that can become injured or fall prey to diseases. One of the most common problem sites is the knee joint. If your pet twists his knee or puts weight on it incorrectly, he may rupture his cranial cruciate ligament (CCL), resulting in knee instability, pain, and lameness. A high-impact injury can also fracture the bones in or near a joint.

Some pets are born with a predisposition to chronic joint issues. Small breeds of dogs, for instance, may be prone to a kneecap instability called luxating patella. Many larger dogs develop hip dysplasia, a problem in which an abnormal hip joint becomes increasingly stiff and damaged. Any older pet may develop osteoarthritis, a cartilage degeneration that typically afflicts weight-bearing joints over time. Some pets even suffer damage from osteoarthritis of the spine or other conditions afflicting the vertebral joints.

Orthopedic Treatment Strategies from an Experienced Veterinarian

Trust any Toronto veterinarian on our experienced team to provide the orthopedics your pet needs. We can detect many orthopedic issues in the course of your pet's regular wellness exams. If you suspect a new condition or an acute injury, we can administer X-rays to find the underlying cause and prescribe the proper treatment. Your pet may benefit from:

  • Anti-inflammatory medications and/or dietary choices
  • Knee surgery to compensate for a ruptured CCL or to correct a luxating patella
  • Hip surgery (including hip joint replacement if necessary)
  • Joint fusion surgery to relieve extreme pain from advanced osteoarthritis
  • Emergency surgery to set complex fractures with metal hardware
  • Lifestyle suggestions to help your pet move around the house with less effort

Help Your Pet Feel and Move Better by Contacting Our Clinic Today

Your pet can have a better quality of life when you rely on the orthopedics and other services available at Jane Animal Hospital. Call our Toronto clinic today at (416) 762-5558!

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