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Tooth Abscess

Understanding the Seriousness of an Abscess in Your Pet

A tooth abscess takes a while to develop, but once it does, the condition is so deep inside the affected tooth, professional help is a must. Simple pet teeth cleaning alone won't fix the problem. No surprise, the onset of the related pain can be so severe, affected animals start to have behavior changes. And, if left untreated, the abscess will eventually get worse. The results can start to affect the rest of the pet’s health as well. That can make the recovery process take a lot longer.


Abscesses Are Not Normal

A tooth abscess is an infection. If a tooth has had a break in it, usually in the form of a cavity, that worked its way down the nerve path. Eventually, that decay ends up at the bottom of the tooth root and develops into an infection. The result is a build-up of pus that creates swelling and pain. Serious abscesses become visible as they push out behind the gum line.

The cause of the abscess might have been present for a while, even if the infection seems like it came on suddenly. Again, the cause could have been a crack, a cavity, or even a chipped tooth. Anything that allows the tooth protection to be compromised can allow for an abscess to develop.

Signs and Symptoms

An abscess can trigger a number of symptoms, which can affect a pet’s entire body, not just his mouth. These symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Pain in and around the affected tooth
  • Swelling in the mouth area
  • Temperature-sensitive teeth
  • An open sore in the gum area
  • Really noticeable bad breath
  • Bleeding

Brought to a vet, a pet with an abscess will be addressed with one or a combination of treatments, depending on the animal’s condition. Several different kinds of treatment may be required in order for a pet to recover from an abscess. These treatments include draining the infection, antibiotics, and in extreme cases tooth extractions.

Getting Help Quickly

If you think you’re dealing with the beginnings of an abscess in your pet, don’t wait for it to get worse. Schedule an appointment with us at Jane Animal Hospital and let our pet dental team do an examination. Caught early, abscesses can be resolved with less dramatic treatments and proper teeth cleaning. Call today to set up a pet dental evaluation appointment for furry friend.


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