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T-Chip (Biothermal Microchip)

Microchipping pets in Toronto is becoming common practice as pet owners seek to keep their pets safe and to help ensure their safe return if lost. Jane Animal Hospital is offering area pet owners the latest microchipping technology in the t-chip, which allows pet owners additional services beyond what standard microchips provide.

Benefits of Microchipping

If you’re a new pet owner, a first-time pet owner, or have never experienced the worry and heartache of a lost pet, you may not fully understand the incredible benefits of having your pet microchipped. The most obvious benefit is the relief of knowing that the odds of your pet being safely returned to you are exponentially increased when your pet is microchipped.

That’s a huge relief for pet owners! After all, your pets are family. Other benefits of pet microchips from your favorite regular or emergency vet include the following:

  • Practically painless procedure for pets. It’s essentially inserting a microchip the size of a grain of rice beneath the surface of your pet’s skin.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your pet is identified on a nationwide registry that includes your home address, medical information about your pet, and more.
  • Unlike tags, the microchip can’t be lost. Meaning that someone will always have the opportunity to contact you should your pet go missing as long as you keep the information in the database up to date.

How is the T-Chip Different?

The t-chip offers all of the benefits of a regular microchip with the additional benefit of being able to measure your pet’s temperature at any time. That means you can tell whether you need to contact an emergency vet by simply checking an app on your phone.

If you’ve ever had to take your pet’s temperature yourself, you know how HUGE this benefit is for pet owners and the pet alike. Think about it, a one-time injection makes it possible for you to measure your pet’s temperature as many times per day as you’d like for a lifetime. Then you know if you need to schedule a pet exam or emergency visit because you suspect your pet is ill.

Emergency Vet in Toronto

Whether you need a routine pet exam or want to learn more about the t-chip and what it can do for your pet, contact Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto today to get the information you need to make informed decisions about your pet’s health and safety.

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