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Splenectomy at Jane Animal Hospital

Pets can require internal surgery just as we humans sometimes do. Internal problems that require surgery include injuries or disorders of the spleen, a relatively large organ that performs several useful functions. In such situations, a surgical procedure called a splenectomy may be in order. If your pet needs his spleen removed, we can provide this form of care at Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto.

internal surgery or splenectomy at Jane Animal Hospital

When Your Pet Needs His Spleen Removed

The spleen is an internal organ located near the stomach. While it isn't necessary for survival, it is capable of several handy and fascinating tasks. For instance, the spleen filters and/or removes old or imperfect blood cells from the blood supply. There are times when this useful organ serves more as a liability than as an ally. A pet's spleen may experience such issues as:

    • Rupture due to an acute accident injury or bloat
    • Overactive removal of red blood cells, causing anemia
    • Tumors and other growths
    • Infections or abscesses

These cases, and many other scenarios in which the condition of the spleen endangers your pet's health, may call for a splenectomy. Pets can receive either partial or total splenectomy, although a total splenectomy presents a lower risk of hemorrhage complications. 

Expert Surgical Care from Our Toronto Veterinarian

Rest assured that your pet's spleen problem can be successfully addressed here at Jane Animal Hospital. Our veterinarian will first run tests and perform diagnostic imaging, or in some cases, tissue sample removal for biopsy, to diagnose the problem at hand. In cases of bloat, we may perform a gastropexy to correct the twisting of the stomach as well as a splenectomy. Following a splenectomy, some pets can go home the same day, while others may require overnight monitoring. Expect your pet's total recuperation to take about two weeks. A neck collar or other protective device can keep your pet from bothering the incision site and possibly infecting it. Don't be alarmed if your pet looks noticeably thinner after a splenectomy. It simply means that the organ we removed was unnaturally enlarged.

Call Our Toronto Veterinary Clinic for a Consultation

Like most internal health problems, conditions affecting the spleen are best detected and treated early. Regular wellness exams offer a good opportunity to keep on top of your pet's health from one year to the next. If you'd like to schedule an exam or simply learn more about splenectomy, call our Toronto veterinary clinic today at (416) 762-5558!

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