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Soft Tissue Repairs

Jane Animal Hospital For Soft Tissue Repairs

Soft tissue injuries are common in pets. Accidents fight with other animals and getting into a hazardous situation due to curiosity can happen at any time. Veterinarians are trained to deal with these injuries, allowing your pet to get back to normal activities as quickly as possible. At Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto, we have extensive experience performing soft tissue repairs in pets.

Soft Tissue Repairs

Types of Soft Tissue Repairs

Soft tissue injuries generally include those of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It can also include wounds on the skin surface or problems of the gums or other soft tissue in the mouth. Injuries can include deep cuts, severe abrasions, tearing or separation. The injury may affect the animal's usual behavior, such as not being able to walk normally, eat properly or other dysfunction. However, some soft tissue injuries may not affect function, but they still require treatment to prevent more severe health issues.

Diagnosing Soft Tissue Injuries

The vet will carefully clean the wound and examine the tissue to determine the extent of the damage. If the wound is close to the joints or spine, x-rays may be done to ensure the bones have not been involved. Arthroscopy is also used to diagnose problems related to the function of the joints.

Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries

Your vet may do a number of procedures to carefully clean the wound and determine how much tissue has been damaged. Repair may require adjusting the edges of the tissue and suturing, or more extensive surgical procedures. In some cases, your veterinarian in Toronto may recommend physical therapy after a repair to restore full function to the affected area.

Recovery From Soft Tissue Repairs

When an animal is recovering from a soft tissue repair, the owner is likely to be asked to change the bandage, monitor the wound for signs of infection and keep the animal quiet during the initial stages of healing. You should keep your pet from disturbing the area or licking at the incision. Your vet will provide antibiotics to prevent infection and instructions on administering them. Follow-up visits to the vet will ensure that healing is progressing normally.

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