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Your Pet's First Visit

pet's first visit to the vet

Welcome to Jane Animal Hospital, your trusted Toronto veterinarians. Our passionate veterinary team is dedicated to caring for your pet through all stages of life and is proud to serve the greater Toronto area. Our state of the art, full service veterinary facility will care for your pet's wellness needs starting from your very first visit with us. 

Annual Exams Are The Key To Your Pet's Longevity

We cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining your pet's annual wellness exams. Many pet owners consider their pets to be in perfect health at all times and may not consider the importance of scheduling annual exams. Annual exams with our Toronto veterinarians will ensure your pet stays in their most optimized state of health. 

Because we love your furry friends, we are always ready to catch health concerns before they pop up. Annual exams ensure that we are able to provide  the highest level of comprehensive, preventive care for your pet. While our goal is always to keep your pet their healthiest, we know that annual exams  help save pet's lives and can contribute to their longevity. 

What You Can Expect At Your Pet's First Visit to Jane Animal Hospital

Our first visit meeting you and your pet can be considered as a get-to-know you and your pet meeting. If you have the records of your pet's previous care, we will go over these with you. If you are the owner of a new, young pet, we will begin your pet's medical record at this visit. Similarly to when you visit a new health care provider, we first aim to create a comfortable atmosphere that makes your pet feel at home with us. Once your pet is comfortable, we will begin their exam. 

Our Toronto veterinarians perform a comprehensive exam that they call a head-to-tail exam to assess all vitals. We will assess respiratory and cardiovascular wellness along with a blood lab panel to go over any aspects of health that can not be determined by visual examination alone such as internal organ function. The results of these tests will act as a foundation for your pet's regular care with us. 

If your pet is due for any vaccinations, we may also administer at this time after discussing with you. We will set up a vaccination schedule and answer any questions you may have. 

During your visit we may also provide: 

  • dental services that may include dental cleaning or dental x-rays
  • feline vital testing to monitor FeLV and FIV
  • nutritional counseling 
  • a stool analysis 

As we near the completion of your pet's first appointment we are happy to answer any questions that you may have. We will also discuss a visit schedule and offer current and near-future recommendations for these visits. This may include any future vaccinations, how to address specific health concerns if they were discovered in your visit and future dental care. We may also offer nutritional or lifestyle suggestions for your pet that enhances their quality of life. 

Jane Animal Hospital looks forward to becoming part of your family. Ready to introduce your pet to our caring team? We look forward to scheduling your pet's first visit with us and becoming your family's go-to Toronto veterinarians. Please call (416) 762-5558 to schedule with us now. 

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