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Pet Exams, Vaccinations & Wellness

Pet Wellness Services in Toronto

At Jane Animal Hospital, we believe every pet deserves a chance to thrive, and proper preventative care is the only way to give it to them. Your pet's health and happiness will always depend on the quality of their wellness care, so make sure you prioritize prevention with regular checkups and other wellness services.

Our Toronto veterinary team works hard to minimize your pets' health risks and maximize their overall wellbeing. We make sure our annual physical exams and other services are tailored to meet the needs of each patient, from unaltered puppies and kittens to senior pets with special needs.  

Toronto Pet Exams

Dogs and cats need physical pet exams at least once a year to prevent and detect serious problems. Your veterinarian will perform a comprehensive manual exam to evaluate your pet's health from head to tail, making sure their strength, coat condition, weight, body fat, mobility, and more are on track. If we detect any irregularities, we may perform diagnostic screenings or recommend exercise or diet changes at home.

We also administer preventative care during our pet exams, including products and treatments that allow us to eliminate common health risks and detect existing problems before they cause complications.

Pet Vaccinations

No pet should suffer from a painful disease that could have been prevented. Our immunization options include core and non-core vaccinations for dogs and cats in the Toronto area. After your puppy or kitten receives their first round of core vaccinations, keep them up-to-date with a lifelong regimen of booster shots. In addition to rabies vaccines and other core vaccinations that meet local legal requirements, we may administer additional vaccines to accommodate lifestyle-related risks.

Pet Deworming

If your pets are exposed to outdoor environments (or other outdoor pets) without worm prevention products, they will most likely suffer from an infestation of parasites at some point. Pets with worms may suffer symptoms that range from nausea and weight loss to heart failure and death, so it's important to detect and kill them as soon as possible.

Roundworms and hookworms are just two of many common intestinal worms, which we detect in stool samples and kill with a broad-spectrum oral medication or injection (AKA deworming). We need blood samples to detect heartworms, which require a much more serious and lengthy treatment regimen.

Diagnostic Testing for Pets

If we detect an abnormality during your pet's manual exam or learn about symptoms that can't be explained, we may recommend additional diagnostic tests. Our comprehensive on-site screening methods include X-rays, blood tests, ultrasounds, and biopsies that allow us to diagnose or rule out conditions that require treatment. Whether your pet has a minor injury or a chronic disease, we will immediately personalize a treatment plan to help manage their symptoms and prevent complications.

Your Toronto Vet

At Jane Animal Hospital, we know that when it comes to your pet's health and wellness, no one is more important than you. Our vet will make sure you understand your pet's preventative needs, and we follow up every diagnosis and treatment with precise recommendations for managing symptoms and preventing complications at home.

If you live in the Toronto area, call (416) 762-5558 to schedule an annual pet wellness exam at Jane Animal Hospital.

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