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Soft Tissue Surgery

Jane Animal Hospital Offers Pet Soft Tissue Surgery

Even healthy pets may develop a problem that requires surgery on the soft tissues of the body. Unusual growths, wound care and removal of foreign objects are common problems that our skilled Toronto veterinarians deal with on a routine basis. At Jane Animal Hospital, we can provide safe and effective soft tissue surgery to ensure your pet gets back to full health.

dog getting ready for soft tissue surgery

What Types of Soft Tissue Surgery Are Performed?

Soft tissue surgery involves all procedures that do not involve the joints or spine of the animal. This includes surgeries on the head, neck, upper airway, chest, gastrointestinal system, urinary system, reproductive system, nerves or skin. This type of surgery can include simple removal of growths to more complex, exploratory surgery and can use both standard and laparoscopic techniques.

Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon

Jane Animal Hospital also provides a veterinary orthopedic surgeon for joint problems, spinal disc disorders, and other issues that affect the bones of the body. Some dog breeds have hereditary problems with hip dysplasia or other conditions that may require corrective surgery. In addition, accidents and diseases can require orthopedic surgery to repair problems and restore function.

Dog ACL Surgery

Humans often have surgery on the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. Dogs can also experience similar tears, only in canines, it is known as the “cranial cruciate ligament,” which connects the back of the upper leg bone to the lower leg bone. When damage to the CCL occurs, the animal develops a limp in a back leg and may be unable to engage in normal vigorous activities. These injuries occur more often is some breeds, and can be related to aging. Surgery is done to provide better stability to the knee joint. Recovery from surgery can take several weeks.

Caring For Your Pet After Surgery

Your veterinarian in Toronto will provide detailed instructions for the care of your pet after soft tissue or orthopedic surgery. Generally, you will be required to keep the animal quiet, preferably in an area of your home that has less traffic. You will be given instructions for feeding, wound care, medications and what symptoms might indicate a problem with healing. You will also be provided with a follow-up appointment to have the animal checked to ensure proper healing.

Make Jane Animal Hospital Your Veterinary Surgeon

The veterinarians and staff at Jane Animal Hospital understand the place that pets hold in people’s lives. They are committed to providing compassionate, professional care with a variety of services. Call Jane Animal Hospital today at (416) 762-5558 to learn more about the soft tissue surgery procedures that can help your pet.

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