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Spaying Or Neutering Your Dog OR Cat Offers Some Surprising Benefits

There are 1.2 million dogs born worldwide every day. Sadly, many of them won’t live to enjoy a full life with a loving family because of overpopulation. People who choose to become pet owners need to do their part to help control the animal population by having their pet spayed or neutered. Here at the Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto, we want to make people aware of the benefits associated with spaying and neutering their pets.

Spaying And Neutering Improves Disposition

Dogs and cats that have been spayed or neutered tend to be more affectionate and have a better temperament. Neutered male canines are less aggressive. According to statistics, male dogs that have not been neutered are responsible for the majority of all reported dog bites. Neutering a male dog also lessens the chance of them marking their territory or mounting another animal or object when stimulated.

Medical Benefits Associated With Spaying

Having your female dog or cat spayed helps prevent breast tumors. These types of tumors are found to be cancerous in approximately 90 percent of the cats that have them and approximately 50 percent of dogs. Spayed cats and dogs are also less likely to get uterine infections. It is important that animals are spayed before they go into heat for the first time to maximize the protection from these conditions. Male dogs and cats are benefited by neutering as well. Neutered males are less likely than their intact counterparts to develop prostate problems and testicular cancer.

The Best Time To Spay Or Neuter

Here at the Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto, our veterinarian recommends people having their pet spayed or neutered before they reach adulthood. There are greater risks associated with the procedures once an animal has matured. We recommend people have their dogs spayed or neutered between the ages of six to nine months, however, our pet hospital neutered puppies as early as eight weeks if they are in good health. Cats can be safely spayed or neutered as early as eight weeks. It is important to note that neutering a dog won't correct all behavioral issues. It is also important to note that dogs that are neutered after adulthood may continue to mount and mark their territory.

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