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Feline Vaccinations

At Jane Animal Hospital, our Toronto vet offers all the preventative care services your cat needs, including vaccinations to protect your pet from common diseases and viruses. If your cat is due for vaccinations or if you're not sure of your cat's vaccination schedule then now is a great time to schedule an appointment with our team.

Cat at the veterinarian after getting its vaccinations.

The Importance of Routine Feline Vaccinations

Why are routine feline vaccinations so important, anyway? For starters, vaccines are necessary to protect your cat from any number of dangerous illnesses and even potentially fatal viruses, such as rabies. Furthermore, proof of up-to-date vaccinations is often required if you plan on boarding your cat at a reputable facility or even bringing your cat in for a professional grooming appointment. And of course, by having your cat vaccination (regardless of whether it's an indoor or outdoor cat), you're also doing your part to protect other pets and animals that could become infected if your cat were to get sick.

Which Vaccinations Does Your Cat Need?

Many cat owners aren't sure which specific vaccinations their cats need. If your cat has seen a vet in the past year or so and you still have the paperwork, you may be able to find your cat's recommended vaccine schedule on your most recent vet paperwork. This will tell you which vaccines your cat needs, and when they're due. If you don't have this paperwork or if it's been awhile since your pet has seen a vet, that's okay. Our veterinary team can provide a health assessment for your cat in our office, and this will help us determine which vaccinations your cat needs.

Some of the more common vaccinations we recommend for cats include:

  • Rabies (may be necessary once annually or once every three years, depending on the vaccine used)
  • Rhinotracheitis
  • feline Respiratory Infection
  • Feline Panleukopenia
  • Feline Leukemia

Specific vaccines can also vary depending on the age of your pet, as well as whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat. Either way, we can get your cat up-to-date on any vaccines here in our office at the end of your visit with us. From there, we can also provide you with an updated vaccination schedule and reminders so you know when your cat will need to come in for additional vaccines.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Toronto Veterinarian

If your cat is due for vaccinations, then it's time to schedule an appointment with our experienced and compassionate Toronto veterinarian. You can reach our office at Jane Animal Hospital by giving us a call at (416) 762-5558. We look forward to serving your pet with all its health and wellness needs!

Kitten Vaccinations

The Importance of Kitten Vaccinations

Getting your kitten vaccinated is crucial for its survival. Whether it is an indoor cat or a mixture of outdoor and indoor, vaccinations will help your cat overcome the viruses that your pet may come into contact with. You can depend on Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto, to provide you with the best pet care in your area. Our local veterinarian is here to provide some insight on kitten vaccinations and what vaccination schedule you should use.

Kitten Vaccination

When Should I Get Kitten Vaccinations?

Here is a vaccination schedule that you will want to regularly follow and what the visit will involve.

First Visit 6-8 Weeks

  • A fecal examination to determine whether or not your kitten has any kind of parasites
  • A blood test will be taken to find out if your kitten has feline leukemia
  • Your kitten will receive its core vaccinations that consist of panleukopenia, chlamydia, calicivirus, and rhinotracheitis

Second Visit Around 12 Weeks

  • External examination for parasites
  • Your kitten will receive a second round of vaccinations for rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia, and calicivirus
  • Your kitten will also receive its first vaccination for feline leukemia

Third Visit Per Veterinarian Recommendation

  • Our veterinarian will administer a follow-up vaccination for feline leukemia
  • The rabies vaccination will be administered

Kitten Vaccinations Save Lives

The importance of ensuring that your kitten gets the proper vaccinations cannot be overstated. Your kitten could become deathly ill if they come into contact with any of the aforementioned diseases that they without receiving a proper vaccination. This often happens if a cat gets out of the house and comes into contact with a stray cat who is carrying these diseases. This is why we encourage pet owners to keep their pets inside and not let the pet roam, regardless if the cat is vaccinated or not. Follow your veterinarian's instructions on pet vaccinations and your kitten will grow up to be strong and healthy.

Time for Your Cat’s Shots? Visit Our Animal Hospital

Your kitten is part of your family. You want to be there for your cat just like you would with your child. This is why you want to put your pet on a vaccination schedule that will ensure your furry friend is happy and healthy. Fortunately, our veterinarian here at Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto can provide you with vaccinations and educational material on the subject. We will keep your kitten in optimal health with frequent routine pet wellness check-ups. Give us a call today at (416) 762-5558 to schedule your appointment.

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