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Pet Stool Sample

How A Stool Sample Can Help Your Dog Beat Worms


Worms in dog poop is a scary situation because it indicates a serious health problem for your beloved pooch. Thankfully, a fecal test for dogs can help manage this issue. So if you live in Toronto and keep finding worms in your dog's fecal matter, it is essential to understand the benefits of a stool sample test. 

Why You Should Get a Pet Stool Sample 

A good pet stool sample is designed to spot dangerous internal parasites in your dog's intestines. These parasites can get in a dog's body in several ways, including eating other dog's fecal matter, eating different types of infected food, or even being bitten by an infected mosquito. However, even mice and other kinds of pests carry these parasites. Thankfully, this stool sample:

  • Identifies possible intestinal parasites
  • Detects how many are likely in your pet 
  • Diagnoses a proper treatment method
  • Tracks the progress of the treatment method 

What Kind of Parasites May Be in a Dog's Fecal Matter?

There are many kinds of worms and parasites that a fecal test for dogs can locate. For example, you may find roundworms wriggling in your dog's fecal matter. These parasites can clog up your dog's intestines and make it very difficult for them to digest their food. Even worse, you may end up spotting tapeworms that can be very long and painful for your dog to pass. 

It is important to note that heartworms will not be present in your dog's poop. Worms in dog poop are different from these dangerous parasites, though no less problematic. As a result, it is essential to perform other tests if you are worried about the dangers of heartworms in your dog. 

What to Expect From a Stool Sample

A stool sample test requires that you collect some of your dog's fecal matter and bring it into the veterinarian's office. They typically prefer if you carry it in a small plastic bag or container. Try to wrap the sample up so that visitors to the vet's office don't see it. And try to find poop that is as fresh as possible. 

The vet will then take the fecal matter and examine it under a microscope. In this way, they can spot the many eggs, worms, and other signs of parasites in your dog's body. Once they have detected what parasites are in your dog's intestines, they will prescribe medication. This medication can then be administered to destroy the worms that have invaded your poor pet's body.

Learn More About the Benefits of a Pet Stool Sample

If you are worried about the possibility of worms in dog poop or have noticed this problem with your pet, don't wait a moment longer. Contact us at Jane Animal Hospital by calling (416) 762-5558. We service Toronto and the surrounding area and are dedicated to helping people like you and their pets. With our help and a fecal test for dogs, we can diagnose this problem and treat it together.

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