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Pet Blood Testing

Jane Animal Hospital Offers Pet Blood Testing Services

Animals cannot tell humans where it hurts or how they feel, so veterinarians rely on a variety of tests to help them diagnose illnesses and injuries and to determine proper treatments. Your Toronto vet may order a blood panel for dogs, even when the animal is not sick, to get baseline information on body processes. This information will ensure that the vet is alerted to changes that can facilitate diagnosis and treatment in the future.

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Blood Tests Can Provide Valuable Information

A dog blood test is essential for determining a number of veterinary conditions that can seriously impact the health of your pet. The dog blood test cost is well worth the expense because it provides so much information to help the veterinarian care for your pet. Testing generally includes two different tests, the CBC, and the blood chemistry test. The CBC is a blood cell analysis that looks at the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin levels. It can provide information on how the spleen, kidneys and bone marrow are functioning. It also counts the number of white blood cells, which can be an indicator of infection. The blood chemistry panel is another common test. This test provides information on liver function, kidney function, pancreas function and other body processes that can indicate diseases like diabetes, heart problems, thyroid issues or kidney disease.

How Blood Is Drawn

Drawing blood from your pet is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. The vet will determine the appropriate location from which to take the blood, often on the front limb. You may be asked to help hold your pet steady while the needle is inserted through which the blood is retrieved. Often more than one vial is filled with blood for different types of tests. Generally, the process doesn’t hurt your dog, though he may feel the first pinch as the needle enters. Afterward, your dog will carry on as usual. Some animals may have slight soreness at the site of the blood drawing, but this will disappear in a day or two.

Contact Jane Animal Hospital for Pet Blood Testing and Analysis

The veterinarians and staff at Jane Animal Hospital use their extensive training and years of experience to provide a broad range of services to their patients in Toronto and surrounding areas. A variety of diagnostic procedures are used to ensure your pet maintains good health at all stages of life, from puppy and kittenhood to the senior years. Call Jane Animal Hospital today at (416) 762-5558 to discuss baseline blood testing for your pet and how it can alert your vet about developing health problems that can be more easily treated in the early stages.

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