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Pet Behavior

Finding the Root of Pet Behavioral Problems With Our Toronto VeterinariansPet behavioral training toronto veterinaraian

Any pet can develop a behavioral problem, but some animals have finely tuned nervous systems and are more susceptible to stress reactions. In cases of adoption of a pet, the animal may have undergone traumatic experiences in the past that have caused the development of self-protective behaviors. In other cases, a particular animal may naturally have a low threshold for stress and may develop unusual behaviors as a way to deal with its environment. Whatever the original problem, a veterinarian can determine if the behavior is due to a physical problem or can advise you on the best way to eliminate the unwelcome behavior.

Finding the Cause of Common Canine Behavioral Issues

Dogs may develop a number of behavioral problems, such as housebreaking issues, aggression, timidity, playful nipping, excessive digging, jumping up or excessive chewing. These issues can be destructive or cause a variety of problems with family and guests. Your veterinarian can do some testing on your dog’s blood to determine if a nutritional or health problem is affecting its behavior. If the behavioral problem is caused by a physical malady, our Toronto veterinarians can help address the problem directly. If not,  vet can also offer advice and referrals for training or behavioral counseling to alter the animal’s behavior.

Common Feline Behavioral Issues

Litterbox problems are one of the most common behavioral issues experienced by felines, but owners may also become concerned about excessive scratching, nighttime activity, aggression, timidity or eating problems. Your vet can provide advice for handling these issues in a manner that helps your cat to learn more acceptable behavior. In some cases, environmental issues may be contributing to the problem. In other cases, training the owners to respond differently can have a beneficial effect on the behavior of the animal.

See a Vet

If your pet has a behavioral issue that does not seem quite right, discuss the matter with your vet. Toronto veterinarians can help to analyze the source of the problem and help lead you to the next step towards healing with your pet, so you can enjoy your pet without these annoying issues.

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