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The only way to ensure your male cat or dog doesn't help produce a litter is to get him neutered. This procedure also has health benefits for your furry friend and can benefit you as well. We encourage many of our families with male pets who aren't going to be used for breeding purposes to get neutered to keep the number of unwanted animals under control and for our families to have healthy, happy pets. Our veterinarian in Toronto performs the surgery at our pet hospital, Jane Animal Hospital, and your pet goes home the same day as the neutering.

What Is Neutering  

Neutering is the surgical removal of both of your pet's testes. Your pet is completely unconscious during the procedure and given pain medications to keep him comfortable. We make sure we monitor your pet's vitals carefully once we sedate him. In fact, we give your pet a sedative to calm him and then give him a general anesthetic through a mask to put him in an unconscious state. 

During the procedure, our veterinarian makes a small incision on the testes in between them and the scrotum. The gland is then removed through this incision. 

Benefits of Neutering 

If you're not planning on breeding your pet, it's best to have him neutered, so in case he has any contact with an unaltered female, they don't have babies. Additionally, it can stop any unwanted breeding-related behaviors like humping and spraying. It could change your pet's personality for the better as well. It can calm aggressive pets and make your pet more affectionate toward you. If you have problems with your pet roaming, your pet will be more likely to stay at home since he won't leave in search of a mate. Because it removes the testes, neutering protects against certain forms of cancer too. 

When to Neuter

You can have your male dog neutered between the ages of six to nine weeks while you should wait until at least eight weeks to have your kitten neutered. Keep in mind, it's better to neuter early because it prevents undesirable behaviors that neutering later in life may not correct. 

Risks of Neutering

Although neutering is a major surgery, it's not associated with many risks. It's a common procedure performed at our pet hospital, and most pets have little to no issues. We do use anesthesia, so your pet could experience side effects from it, but we monitor him closely while we use it to intervene if necessary. 

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