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Stenotic Nares Corrective Surgery

An Overview of Stenotic Nares from Jane Animal Hospital

Like people, pets can develop a wide variety of injuries and illnesses as well. When pets are having trouble with their health, it is important to turn to a trained veterinarian for help. That is where the team from Jane Animal Hospital is here to help. It is important for pet owners to have a comprehensive healthcare provider who can take care of their pets. One of the issues that we see at our animal hospital is stenotic nares. These have the potential to cause serious issues for the health of a pet.

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What are Stenotic Nares?

Stenotic nares are a congenital condition that impacts a number of animals, particularly short-nose dogs. The nares are the nostrils through which dogs breathe. Stenosis means that the passageway has been narrowed. Therefore, stenotic nares represent narrowed nostrils through which dogs can have trouble breathing. This is a congenital condition that is inherited from prior generations. If an animal is suffering from stenotic nares, this can make it hard for animals to breathe. This can deprive various organs and tissues, including the brain, of the oxygen the cells need to function. As a result, stenotic nares can seriously impact a pet's quality of life and need to be treated.

How are Stenotic Nares Treated by a Vet?

If a vet diagnoses an animal with stenotic nares, there are several treatment options available. The ultimate goal is to widen the nostrils, allowing pets to breathe more easily. Some of the surgical approaches that a vet might take include alar wing removal, punch resection, and laser ablation. All of these procedures have their benefits and drawbacks which is why the vet will discuss these various treatment options with the family in detail before making any decision. The goal is to allow an animal to breathe more easily after the operation. This is a serious surgical procedure that should be performed by a trained and experienced veterinarian. That is where the team from Jane Animal Hospital can help pets in need.

Trust the Experienced Veterinarian Team at Jane Animal Hospital

Stenotic nares can be a serious problem that might impact an animal's quality of life. The team from Jane Animal Hospital is here to help everyone in the Toronto area with their pets' healthcare needs. At Jane Animal Hospital, we work hard to understand the individual needs of your pet. We invest in the latest diagnostic and treatment tools so that we can provide the highest quality healthcare possible for your furry friends. To learn more about how we can help you, please call us today at 647-490-1716. We are here to help your pets with all of their healthcare needs.

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