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Prompt and Precise Pet Diagnostics in Toronto

Before your pet can be successfully treated for any malady, he or she must be accurately diagnosed, which is not as easy as it sounds. The veterinarians at Jane Animal Hospital have the unequivocal reputation of providing the most precise pet diagnostics in Toronto. Allow us to tell you more.Cat at the vet in Etobicoke

The Basics of Diagnostics

The first step in proper diagnostics is a good thorough history and full physical exam. During an annual physical exam, our Etobicoke vets perform a comprehensive nose to tail examination. This will ensure your pet receives the right medicines, surgery, and treatment. We delve deeply beneath the obvious and analyze all the subtle nuances of the pet’s condition by asking questions like Have there been any changes in eating habits? or “Has your pet exhibited non-typical behaviors?” . The key to making pets healthy again is to come to conclusive diagnoses quickly and accurately from which we can then develop an effective treatment plan. To accomplish this successfully, we have the most advanced capabilities to perform onsite pet x-rays in Toronto, pet dental xrays, pet dental diagnosis, pet illness diagnosis, blood testing, stool sample, viral testing, and pet trauma diagnosis.

Pet Xrays in Toronto

Xrays are an invaluable tool for diagnosing illness, injury, and other health condition. We offer you digital xray which gives us an immediate picture of the suspect area in your pet. Since the results of these xrays are uploaded to a computer, we can send them digitally anywhere they are needed. Another plus of this advanced technology is that the previous xray technique of using films and chemicals, which took time to be developed, is eliminated.

Pet Dental Xrays in Toronto

The door to your pet’s good health is his or her mouth and teeth. Pet dental xrays are an extremely effective tool to take an in-depth look at suspect teeth and roots, which permit us to quickly make an accurate pet dental diagnosis. Once we have successfully accomplished this, we can set up a treatment plan to swiftly help your pet become pain-free and healthy.  Xrays are also an excellent aid during any oral treatment procedures that may be necessary.

Pet Illness Diagnosis

The joy of using xray to diagnosis many illnesses is that it is non-invasive and does not require anesthesia, though for nervous pets, some light sedation may be necessary. We can diagnose a number of illnesses using xray such as heart disease, ingestion of foreign bodies, and urinary tract problems. In addition to xray, our animal hospital performs ultrasounds, blood tests and screenings to find out what’s causing your pet’s illness to get him or her back on the road to recovery. Finally, our staff includes a board certified endoscopy specialist, radiologist, and cardiologist who are always available to perform diagnoses and treatments.

Pet Trauma Diagnosis

When your pet is injured, a major or minor trauma can quickly turn into a life-threatening emergency with the more common causes of critical trauma being falls, dogfights, or car accidents. But often with trauma, the exact location of the injury is not obvious, which is where we come in. Not only is our modern equipment poised to be put into immediate action for trauma cases, our veterinarians have the expertise and experience to bring your pet back to health and well-being.

Accurate diagnoses are the bedrock of good veterinary medicine. The only clinic providing pet diagnostics in Toronto with a heart, Jane Animal Hospital wants your pet to be well and pain free. Equipped with state-of-the-art surgical technology, our veterinary team works hard to keep your pets as safe, healthy and comfortable as possible.

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