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Cardiac Ultrasound

Certain pet health issues, such as pet heart problems, may require testing to see where the problem lies. The staff at Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto would love to help you keep your pet healthy and avoid serious health issues. Cardiac ultrasound is one way to test for health issues. Below is some information about cardiac ultrasound.

What is Cardiac Ultrasound?

Cardiac ultrasound is using high frequency sounds to detect any abnormalities in your pet's heart. Pet heart problems can be picked up by cardiac ultrasound, then treated before serious health issues emerge in your pet. Echocardiography, another term for cardiac ultrasound, is a very safe way to find out if your pet has any issues with their heart. 

What are the Benefits of Getting Cardiac Ultrasound Done?

A veterinarian can better determine if your pet has heart disease or a heart condition by performing a cardiac exam. We can then set up a Cardiac Ultrasound for your pet in house  based on availability.  Since the ultrasound makes an image of the heart through ultrasound waves, the veterinarian can detect abnormalities by studying the image. Other things can be checked on the ultrasound as well, such as heart defects, if the heart muscle is correctly pumping, and if the heart valves are working correctly. If any of these are seen, we can discuss them with you after the ultrasound.

The Cardiac Ultrasound Process

The ultrasound can be done quickly in one day, with you getting the results that same day. No anesthesia is needed for this process since it is quick and easy for our specialists to perform. Your pet will lie on a padded table and be gently restrained so that our veterinary specialist can apply ultrasound gel so that the ultrasound probe can easily move against the skin of your pet. The entire process only takes about 20 minutes. We can discuss the results and if any more testing needs to be done.

How Can a Veterinarian Help?

A veterinarian can help by studying the image and then giving a diagnosis, based on the initial exam and ultrasound results. A veterinarian can also determine if and when your pet needs to get an ultrasound done. Bring as much information as you can about your pet's health to the initial appointment so that we can correctly diagnose and treat your animal. 

We specialize in all kinds of pet surgery. Please contact us if you have any questions about the types of surgery we perform or general questions about our practice. 

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