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Heartworm Disease


Canine Heartworm Disease and Wellness Testing

Canine heartworm disease occurs when a dog becomes infected with specific parasitic worms that invade areas near the heart and lungs.  These heartworms cause damage to major blood vessels, the heart, and the lungs of your pet.

Heartworms are transmitted to your pet when he or she is bitten by an infected mosquito.  When an infected mosquito bites your pet, it injects young heartworms (microfilariae) into his or her bloodstream.  These microfilaria travel through your pet, growing and maturing.  Once mature, they live in the areas in and around the heart. 

Mosquitos serve as vectors for heartworm disease.  When they bite infected dogs, they injest microfilaria.  The mosquito can then transfer these microfilaria to any canine they feed on after the initial exposure. 

Pets with heartworm disease may cough, have trouble breathing, be less able to run, walk, and play, and could develop fatal lung and heart disease.

Heartworm disease can be prevented through the combination of annual testing and seasonal prevention.  Every Spring, your veterinarian will administer a small blood test to ensure your canine companion is heartworm free.  If the test returns negative, your pet is then put on an easy and afforable seasonal prevention.  This combinatin of testing and prevention will help ensure that your pet experiences a fun and safe Spring and Summer season. 

A wellness test is also performed at your dog's Heartworm or Annual Veterinary Appointment.  A Wellness Test allows us to assess the status of your pet's internal organs and bodily systems.  These tests will identify potentially hidden illness in otherwise healthy pets.  It is essential to health and happiness of your pet to find potential problems early.  If caught early, many illnessess and diseases can be turned around or managed, allowing your pet to live a longer, happier, and healthier life.

Speak with one of team members and make an appointment for your pet's annual heartworm/wellness test.

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