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Radiowave Surgery

Radiowave Surgery at Jane Animal Hospital

Surgery includes a wide range of procedures, from routine diagnostic or preventative procedures to emergency vet care. As new techniques have evolved, new technology has sprung up to make surgery easier and more accurate than ever. One such technology is radiowave surgery, a minimally-invasive method that helps your pet heal faster and more comfortably from many kinds of surgery. We're happy to provide radiowave surgery here at Jan animal Hospital in Toronto.


The How and Why of Radiowave Surgery

Traditional surgery has employed the use of scalpels, sutures, and other instruments to make incisions, seal wounds, and remove tissue. This method, while effective, can force the surgeon to cut away more tissue than strictly necessary, which in turn promotes bleeding, discomfort, and slow recuperation. Modern-day alternatives, including laser surgery and radiowave surgery use different forms of energy to do the work of the scalpel. While laser surgery still presents certain risks such as the accidental burning of tissue, radiowave surgery offers an ideal combination of effectiveness and safety.

In radiowave surgery, the primary-care or emergency vet uses a special handheld instrument with a microfiber tip. This microfiber tip receives radio-frequency (RF) waves from the instrument and transfers them to tissues when placed in contact with the animal's body. These radiowaves can make precise, fine incisions while also closing off blood vessels, vaporizing bacteria, and causing minimal tissue damage. As a result, your pet experiences less bleeding, less postoperative pain, and faster, less complicated healing from his procedure.

One big advantage of radiowave surgery over other scalpel-free surgical methods is the fact that the microfiber tip does not emit any heat. This eliminates the charring or burning risk associated with laser surgery. The high-energy radiowaves interact with the tissues in a manner that allows for safe cutting, cauterization, and coagulation.

The Minimally-Invasive Solution to Many Surgical Needs

Our Toronto team may recommend radiowave surgery for a variety of procedures. Radiowave surgery can help us perform mastectomies, skin tag or tumor removals, fistula repairs, soft palate surgery, spay or neuter surgery, and removal of overgrown eyelashes. We can also use it to take biopsy samples for diagnostic evaluation during the course of a pet exam.

Our Toronto Animal Hospital Can Handle Everything from Vaccinations to Surgery

Whether your favorite animal needs a basic pet exam and vaccinations or state-of-the-art surgery, our Toronto animal hospital is ready to help. Call us at (416) 762-5558 to learn more about our radiowave surgery and other advanced forms of care!

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