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Pyometra Surgery

Pyometra Surgery Can Save Your Dog's Life

At Jane Animal Hospital we meet dogs who come in with this serious infection more often than we would like. We are highly qualified to help alleviate your dog's symptoms and clear up the infection. If your dog has shown signs of infection in her reproductive tract, be sure not to delay treatment because this condition can become deadly if left untreated. The good news is that the infection can be cleared up with pyometra surgery. We serve Toronto and the surrounding areas with quality veterinary care. 

Piometra Surgery Can Save Your Dog's Life

Piometra Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is Piometra?

It is an infection that occurs in female dogs caused by hormonal changes in their reproductive tract. It is a very serious condition that more often than not, requires surgical intervention. This treatment removes all the infected areas and leaves your dog spayed. This condition is more likely in dogs who have never had a litter of puppies.

  • Will my dog's infection clear up on its own?

It is not impossible, with strong antibiotics and treatment. However, in most cases of pyometra, the preferred course of action to save the dog's life and reduce risk of reinfection is a full spaying.

  • What are the symptoms of pyometra?

In open-cervix pyometra the symptoms include discharged pus on the pet's bottom, tail, or bedding. In closed-cervix pyometra this sign will be absent. In both cases the signs include fever, lethargy, lack of apatite, listlessness, vomiting, and even weight loss at end stages. It is important that piometra is noticed as soon as possible. 

Contact Us to Discuss Piometra and Your Dog 

If your dog shows any signs of pyometra, call us immediately to schedule a consultation. Jane Animal Hospital serves the pets of Toronto and the surrounding areas with quality veterinary care. Do not let your dog’s symptoms get worse without veterinarian treatment. Call today, (416) 762-5558.

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