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Oral Surgery

Pets can develop several dental problems, sometimes as a result of poor growth or accident and sometimes, due to genetic issues. These problems can seriously affect the animal’s ability to feed normally. Oral surgery may be needed to correct dental issues. At Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto ON, we provide oral surgery for pets with dental problems. 

Oral Surgery

Common Dental Problems That May Require Surgery

Decayed teeth, broken teeth, loose teeth, retained baby teeth, and other dental problems can make eating difficult. Pets can often have accidents that cause damage to the teeth, which must then be removed to allow normal feeding. Infections of the teeth or gums might also require surgery to eliminate the source of the problem and restore stability to the teeth. 

Symptoms of Tooth Problems

You may notice your cat or dog pawing at the mouth. The animal may drool excessively or may have bad breath. The mouth area may be swollen. The animal may refuse food or may drop it while eating. General health may be affected, and your pet may seem sluggish or depressed. 

What Happens During Pet Oral Surgery?

Before pet surgery, veterinarians generally do blood testing to make sure the animal is healthy enough to undergo the procedure. At the time of surgery, your pet will be given an anesthetic to ensure they are comfortable during the procedure. After the procedure is completed, the animal will be monitored to make sure the anesthetic wears off normally and to check for bleeding or other problems. 

Recovery After Oral Surgery

Our veterinarian will provide medications for you to administer to prevent infection and will give you instructions on what you should feed your pet while they recover. You should monitor your pet carefully after oral surgery for any unusual bleeding, foul odor coming from the mouth, or any signs of physical distress. Call us if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s recovery. 

Choose Jane Animal Hospital For Pet Surgery in Toronto

At Jane Animal Hospital, we use our training and experience to provide quality care for pet patients in Toronto, ON, and the surrounding areas. We offer many services for pets, including wellness care, vaccinations, pet surgery, parasite prevention, orthopedic care, emergency care, and boarding. Contact Jane Animal Hospital today at (416) 762-5558 for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

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