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Nutritional Consultations

Nutritional Consultations in Toronto

Here at the Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto, we offer nutritional consultations. This service is part of our comprehensive treatment program to help our pets and pet owners. We have everything you need right here in our clinic from vitamins and specialty formulas for pet food to blood testing for nutritional deficiencies. Come visit our veterinarian today and see how we can benefit you with your pets’ nutritional needs.


What Are Nutritional Consultations?

A nutritional consultation allows a vet to take a detailed look at your pets’ health and wellness from a food perspective. We start with a blood and/or urine analysis to determine if your pets are suffering from any deficiencies in their diets. Thanks to our facilities as an animal hospital, we are able to conduct all of our blood testing onsite for more expedience and cost savings that we pass on to you. Plus this ensures your pets’ sample is not lost in the shuffle with a third-party lab testing provider. You get your pets’ results back faster and they are able to start any necessary treatments as soon as possible.

We also conduct a coat check for skin allergies. This helps us see if there are any outlying indications that your pet may be lacking certain nutrients or minerals.

We also provide digital x-rays for our pet patients. This is useful to help look for any internal damage or blockages that might be causing stress or dysfunction in your pets’ system.  

Treating Nutritional Issues

We have an array of services and treatments at our disposal to assist your pets if they are suffering from allergies or deficiencies. This includes skin treatments and lotions, as well as supplements and vitamins that are focused on improving these issues. We also have specialty foods and diet information to help pets that are overweight or malnourished. 

Why Choose Our Veterinarian?

Whatever your pets need, we have the resources available to assist you both at our office. That way you save time and money on having to consult a specialist for your pets’ healthcare. We are also able to establish an ongoing relationship with your pet. This allows us to better evaluate and notice any changes happening in their diet and with their health. We can maintain records and highlight any areas that need improvement for the long term, rather than just providing short-term care. 

Contact Our Vets Today for a Nutritional Consultation

As you work to find time for your pet’s nutritional needs, we want to make it a little easier for you. Schedule your appointment online or call our office at (416) 762-5558 to speak with someone. We also accept walk-in clients, including pet emergencies.

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