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Meet Our Veterinarian in Toronto


As your veterinarian in Toronto, ON we offer comprehensive vet services for your pets ranging from preventative care to pet licensing and pet boarding. Here at Jane Animal Hospital, we have an outstanding team of vet doctors, veterinary technicians, registered vet techs, and client relation specialists. Meet our veterinarian in Toronto, as well as the crew that ensures top quality care for your pets. 

Veterinarian and Associate Vet Doctors 

Our team is led by Director of the World Animal Protection (WAP), Dr. Oliver Sterbinsky who has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1993. His philosophy is that “There is nothing more satisfying than knowing your team consistently works together to improve the quality of life of all pets and their families.” In addition to our veterinary medical director, we also have a team of associate veterinarians who provide assistive care at Jane Animal Hospital. 

These vet doctors include Dr. Stefanie Shatsky, Dr. Kai Moore, and Dr. Meaghan roque.  Through the care of this vet team, we are able to provide an array of services. This includes pet dentistry, spay/neuter, pet surgery, preventative care, microchipping, and emergency care. We also offer routine pet exams, as well as pet vaccinations to protect your pet's well-being.

Veterinary Technician Services

A veterinary technician provides assistance with diagnostics including imaging and lab work. These are the nurses of the veterinary world, and the individuals who will give your pet the utmost attention when they come in for a checkup or treatments. We have a team of vet tech consisting of Brigitte, Claudia, Mallory, Andreia, Kara-Lee, Kaitlyn, Erica and Danielle all of whom serve as veterinary technicians. If you have questions about diet, exercise, medication, or treatments when you bring your pet to the Jane Animal Hospital, most likely you will receive aid by one of these helpful people. 

Client Relations Team

Pets are the center of attention here at our veterinarian in Toronto, but we also want to create a healthy relationship with our pet owners. We have senior client relations specialists named Robyn, Alexandra and Alyson, along with a team of client relation specialists that include Chloe, Laura, Asher, Abi, Stacey, Nina and Ina. Our client relations team coordinates appointments, handles bill paying, and provides the personal touch that you come to expect at the Jane Animal Hospital. Our team of specialists provides our clients with a comfortable yet professional vet experience, for each and every vet visit.

Contact Our Local Veterinarian in Toronto

Now that you have virtually met our team we want you to come in and visit our veterinarian in Toronto. At the Jane Animal Hospital, we provide a welcoming and calm environment for you and your pet. Whether you want to schedule a routine annual pet wellness exam, or you need specialized treatment including emergency care, we are here to help.

Contact our office at 416-762-5558 to schedule your appointment. We are currently accepting all new clients, and we also accept walk-in visits.

  • Dr. Oliver Sterbinsky, DVM
    Medical Director

    Dr. Oliver Sterbinsky graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph in 1993. He loves the day to day interactions with his employees, clients, and patients. He is also a director on the board of WAP (World Animal Protection Canada).

    Dr. Sterbinsky enjoys triathlons and spending time with his family.  He participates regularly in a variety of charity events such as Spin for breast cancer awareness and research, Tour for Kids and MS Climbs. Dr. Sterbinsky is also the proud owner of a beautiful and energetic Aussiedoodle named Maya.  

    'There is nothing more satisfying than knowing your team consistently works together to improve the quality of life of all pets and their families.'
  • Dr. Meaghan Roque, DVM
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Meaghan Roque is a 2019 graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College and she is excited to begin her career as a veterinarian with the Jane Animal Hospital team! She began volunteering at veterinary clinics when she was thirteen years old and has never looked back. Meaghan has a quirky black cat named Trudy who she helped nurse back to life after she was found as a stray kitten. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, volunteering her skills at animal shelters, and exploring the city.

    'The best thing about veterinary medicine is the satisfaction we get knowing we help make a difference in the lives of your best friends!'

  • Dr. Kai Moore, DVM
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr Kai Moore Graduated from Ontario Veterinary College. She adopted a cat Zeke. Everyone thinks her pet is the sweetest cat. She loves to eat and try new foods. She also enjoys travelling and visited some Asian countries already.

    'I love that veterinary medicine gives me the opportunity to advocate for animals that can’t speak for themselves.'

  • Dr. Patricia Sailer, DVM

    Dr. Patricia Sailer graduated from The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Medicine in Edinburgh. Dr Sailer enjoys ultimate

    frisbee, yoga, running or rock climbing outdoors.

    Quote: “My favorite part of working in veterinary medicine is the joy of helping others”
  • Dr. Darragh Newman, DVM

    Dr Newman graduated from University College Dublin in Ireland and worked for 2 years in a Small Animal Practice in the United Kingdom. His family rescued Willow as a puppy from a bad situation. They thought she was going to be a Cockapoo, but she kept growing and growing and is now double the size of a standard Cockapoo. She is actually a friendly, energetic Labradoodle! In his spare time, Dr Newman likes to go out and meet with friends, travel, exercise and spend time outdoors!

    'I love being able to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves!'

  • Lisa
    Practice Manager

    Lisa loves working with her incredible team everyday. She also enjoys interacting with clients and their pets. Lisa enjoys cooking, entertaining and spending time with her family.

    'I am most proud of being a part of a team that promotes the importance of preventive medicine and works everyday to prolong the lives of our furry family members.'

  • Brigitte
    Team Lead Veterinary Technician

    Brigitte's never wavering positive attitude is a great quality of hers. She enjoys trying new foods, rollerblading, and traveling.

    'There are so many things I love about Veterinary Nursing such as the medical aspect, the animals and the people I work with!'
  • Claudia
    Senior Registered Veterinary Technician

    Claudia graduated from the Veterinary Technician program of Seneca College.  She has a cat, Theo, who loves to eat and fetche. Claudia loves to read, practice yoga and watch Netflix!

    'Working with like minded people who are just as dedicated to providing gold standard care to our furry friends and being able to advocate for them as best we can'.
  • Krystal
    Registered Veterinary Technician

    Krystal has a great passion for animals and spends much of her spare time volunteering the Toronto Wildlife Center and the Community Association for Riders with Disabilities.  Outside of the animal health industry, she also loves swimming, martial arts and playing the violin.

    'My favourite parts about working at Richview Animal Hospital are working with this amazing team towards our common goal of animal healthcare and getting to know the unique personalities of all our patients.
  • Mallory
    Veterinary Technician

    Mallory graduated from the Veterinary Technician program of St Clair College in 2012.  She has been working in the industry for the last 9 years. Mallory loves spending time with her friends and family, which includes going to the movies, playing board games and hiking. She also enjoy yoga, bike riding and sushi. Mallory owns 3 fantastic felines named Loki, Storm and Ramuh. Loki is a sassy, orange tabby always getting into trouble and demanding cuddles. Storm, is a Princess! Super fluffy grey tabby. She loves the running water of the shower, jumps in and gets soaked every time. Ramuh is the senior member of the family, turning 15 this year!

    “The most rewarding aspect of working in the veterinary industry, is being able to witness our patients’ lives improve, through the dedication of our team to provide  nothing less than the best.  To know you and your team are truly making a difference in the lives of our patients and their owners.”

  • Chantal
    Veterinary Technician

    Chantal completed the veterinary technician program from the Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology. She also completed a a wildlife rehabilitation and grooming program.

    Chantal has a cat named Sorcha. She is a rescue and very timid. She follows her roommates' cat everywhere even though he doesn’t give her the time of day. It's like a romantic comedy where she is the lovesick girl that’s fallen for the tough, bad boy at school. Chantal Enjoys being with friends and watching movies or playing board games. She also enjoys catching up on her favorite shows, writing, music, and taking naps.

    “Not everyone understands the animal thing; the attachment to them and the love and joy they can bring us. So being in a group or team where everyone's main focus and drive is to help and protect these beautiful creatures is an amazing thing and what draws me to this field.” - Will Rodgers
  • Andreia
    Veterinary Technician

    Andreia graduated from the Veterinary Technician program of Georgian College. She is very passionate about working in the veterinary field and loves to see animals lives enriched. She usually keeps her hands full caring for 3 cats with disabilities. Her favourite part of working in this industry is assisting the doctors in surgery. When Andreia is not working she loves discovering new shows on Netflix and taking time off to travelling to Portugal.

    “You never stop learning in this industry. A large part of the reason I love surgery assisting is because no day is every the same. It is the most rewarding part of the job to see animals lives being improved.”

  • Kaitlyn
    Veterinary Technician

    Kaitlyn Graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at Sheridan College. She has a beautiful 8 month old Safe is a Himalayan and Bengal mix and she loves to suck on the sheet before she goes to sleep. She likes to go on runs, and working out at the gym. She also, like spending an enormous about of timewith her family especially her sister.

    'Being able to communicate with clients and be able to help animals in need. As well as, never knowing what will be coming through the door, either a routine vaccination or an urgent emergency.'
  • Maggie
    Registered Veterinary Technician

    Maggie Graduated from Veterinary Technician Program in 2018. She enjoys reading, crocheting, hanging out with her cats. Kevin, only had 3 legs and severe separation anxiety and Nina has severe food allergies.

    'I love being able to help people and their pets in need. Seeing a pet leave the clinic happy is the best feeling'
  • Danielle
    Registered Veterinary Technician

    Danielle has graduated from the veterinary Technician program at Sheridan College. She has a cat named Bruce Wayne. He is adorable and very vocal. Danielle likes going on Hikes, playing cards and board games.

    Quote: 'I love coming to work and interacting with all the smiling furry faces'

  • Kayla
    Registered Veterinary Technician

    Graduated from Seneca College. She also volunteered in Animal Shelters and worked with mini pigs. Kayla adopted her cat as a bottle baby. She bottle-fed him every couple hours since his mom abandoned the litter. Kayla's likes to read, meditate, paint, cook and try new food.

    Quote :“Taking care of those who can't speak for themselves has to be the most rewarding part of this job”
  • Robyn
    Senior Client Specialist

    Robyn graduated with a bachelors degree from York University in psychology and is currently going back to school to specialize in HR management at McMaster University. Robyn has always had a love for animals and growing up she spent most summers on her uncle’s farm. Robyn says that working in the veterinary industry is the perfect fit for her. She loves the fact she gets to meet adorable animals all day while continuing to interact with customers, which she loves to do. Since Robyn currently does not have pets of her own she especially enjoys working with animals all day. Robyn is enthusiastic about getting to know all the animal's unique personalities and thinks that this is a great fantastic environment to work in.

    'A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.'
  • Alexandra
    Senior Client Specialist

    Over 5 years of client service management experience in the hospitality and service industry. Currently completing a Piano Pedagogy associate diploma with the Royal Conservatory of Music and has had several years of education and teaching experience for preliminary and intermediate levels. 

    Alexandra enjoys reading, practicing yoga, and cooking. She has two cats named Goji and Kale who share a deep passion for 'singing loudly'.

    'My favorite aspect of working in a veterinary hospital is seeing the compassion and care that goes into the industry by the doctors, nurses and supporting staff each and every day.'
  • Megan-Marie
    Client Relations Specialist

    Megan-Marie graduated from Life Science from the University of Toronto. She enjoys Travelling, plane spotting, drawing/painting and roller skating.

    Quote: “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself” by Josh Billings

  • Asher
    Client relations specialist

    Asher has more than 17 years of experience in the service industry. He loves cooking, singing and going to the theater.  He has a beautiful cat called Ninja.

    'Love to be there to help support fur parents with whatever they need.'
  • Jubilee
    Client Relations Specialist

    Jubilee has 2 cats, Suli, a tuxedo cat and Ben. Toxedo was originally from a foster home. She is incredibly playful and cuddly. When she’sawake, all she does is stand over her toy and meow until you play with her. She loves to run in circles! When she’s asleep, she likes to be covered up and hugged. Jubilee loves to draw. Recently, she started to work on digital art. She also love puzzles,board games, and baking. Her favourite things to bake are chocolate macaroons.

    Quote: 'When it comes to pets, we are all the same. We all want to protect our animal companions and to make them feel safe. This means that we also all feel pretty helpless when our little friends are hurting. I love working in an environment where we can provide support and care for those who rely on us the most. Everyone who comes to Jane Animal Hospital is here because they have someone precious to look after and so being able to provide relief for those people is amazing.'
  • Alicia
    Client Relations Specialist

    Alicia has completed an equine management degree from Guelph University. She enjoys Horseback riding, puzzles and playing with her pets

    Quote : “Animals make us see the best in ourselves”
  • Jazmynne
    Client Relations Specialist

    Jazmynne volunteered with the Toronto Cat Rescue. She has only owned female pets so far. She has had her oldest cat Luci since she was in middle school, and she met her 2 younger cats during her volunteering at the rescue. Jazmynne loves to read, especially science fiction novels. She also loves writing and art.

    Quote: ' I have a genuine passion for both animals, and customer service. I feel like in this role I can combine both of those things and I am very hopeful that I will be able to thrive in this environment!'

  • Dulce
    Client Relations Specialist

    Dulce has a Bachelor of Interior Design and experience with in-flight service attendant. Her cat loves giving high-fives and his favorite toy is an avocado. In her spare time, Dulce enjoys turning your average ikea furniture into high end furniture pieces.

    Quote: “we can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone” - Ronald Reagan'

  • Rebekah
    ​ Client relations specialist

    Rebekah has over 7 years of experience in Customer service. Max, her dog loves to play fetch and enjoys taking naps on her lap. Rebekah enjoys spending time with family and being creative in her free time by painting.

    Quote: “People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care” -Theodore Roosevelt
  • Joanna
    Client Relations Specialist

    Joanna has over 7 years of experience in the hospitality industry. She taught her cats how to fetch bouncy balls and bring them back to her. During her spare time She loves to cook, play video games, go on walks and knit. She also loves to read and spend a lot of time watching Netflix. 

    Quote : “The better I get to know humans, the more I find myself loving dogs.” -Charles de Gaulle

  • Juan
    Veterinary Assistant

    Juan is currently at Humber College for Police Foundations. Meanie, his cat, loves to play fetch, hide and seek, and tag. She also knows how to open drawers.

    One of his hobbies is playing video games. he also enjoys training with the Canadian Military and swimming.

    “Teamwork makes the dream work.”
  • Nelson
    Veterinary Assistant

     Nelson attend Chaminade College School as a grade twelve student enrolled as a Specialized High School Major in the environment sector and participate in the outdoors and eco school club. He has some work experience in areas other than the veterinarian industry such as an Automotive and Vespa technician and as a landscaper.
    Some of his hobbies and past time are hunting, fishing, dirt bike riding and working on classic cars and motorcycles.

    “My favourite aspects about working in the veterinary industry are cooperatively working with people to achieve animal health and being able to personal connection with the animals.” - Nelson

    All of the staff members at Richview Animal Hospital work together to insure a high level of quality care for your pets. We work hard every day to help keep your pets at their healthy best, because Richview Animal Hospital cares for your Pets!

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