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Laparoscopy Surgery

Laparoscopy Surgery from Jane Animal Hospital


There are numerous joys that come with being a pet owner. When someone takes a dog, cat, or other pet into their home, they are sharing their love and compassion with another creature who is totally dependent on his or her owner. They provide unconditional love and can give someone a unique experience they cannot find anywhere else. Most pet owners view their pets as members of the family. Therefore, it can be stressful for someone to hear that their furry friend must have surgery. At the Jane Animal Hospital, we are here to answer any questions someone might have about the surgery. One option that people might hear about is called laparoscopy surgery in Toronto.

What is Laparoscopy Surgery?

If someone is told that their pet is going to have laparoscopic surgery, the good news is that this is a minimally invasive procedure. In contrast to a laparotomy, which requires a large, open cut, laparoscopic surgery is performed using a series of incisions, usually two or three, that are no larger than a few mm. Then, a camera is placed through one of the incisions to allow the surgeon to see. The other incisions are used to insert tools that will be needed to carry out the procedure on camera. Because laparoscopic surgery only requires small incisions, the recovery is usually faster.

What Issues Can Be Detected and Fixed?

There are a few reasons why the surgeon might elect to go with laparoscopic surgery. This type of surgery is usually used for operations that do not require a large incision. For example, someone might have a pet that needs his or her gall bladder removed. Sometimes, laparoscopic surgery can be used to remove the spleen as well. Whenever possible, our team will go with laparoscopic surgery. This procedure has a shorter recovery process, which is better for everyone involved. Trust us to help your pet using laparoscopic surgery. Our veterinarian team is highly trained.

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At the Jane Animal Hospital, it is our goal to serve the people of the local Toronto area. We know that pet owners love their pets and it can be hard to hear that a loved one is going to require surgery. We are here to take care of this issue from start to finish. As an animal hospital, we are here to provide comprehensive care for your pet. We will do everything in our power to make sure that your pet recovery and remains healthy. If you are looking for a Toronto veterinarian, then give us a call today to make an appointment! 

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