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Laparoscopic Spay

Jane Animal Hospital Offers Laparoscopic Spaying for Pets

We love our pets and only want the best for them. That is why we offer services like spay and neuter surgeries. For those in the Toronto, ON area, our veterinarian can perform the proper laparoscopic spay services that your pet needs. Here at Jane Animal Hospital we're here for you and your pets.

Why Is Spaying Important?

Spaying is the process by which a female animal is sterilized, preventing her from having babies. Spaying is important not only because it prevents unwanted litters, but it helps to prevent illnesses associated with an animal's reproductive organs and can also help with the overall behavior of your pet.

What Is a Laparoscopic Spay?

When looking for a "veterinarian near me," you may want to look for vets that offer laparoscopic spay services. This process is the same as a traditional spay in terms of the end result, the process is just a bit different. Instead of having to make a large surgical incision that can leave your pet in pain for days and often leads to the pet having to stay at the vet overnight, laparoscopic surgeries are much less invasive.

A very small incision is made and the procedure is done with the help of cameras and very small robotic tools. These procedures take less time to heal, ensuring that your pet gets to come home sooner. This type of spay is faster as well, and reduces the chances of infection and overall complications related to surgery.

What Type of Spay Is Right for Your Pet or Pets?

If you have a very young pet, a laparoscopic procedure is ideal, as it is faster and causes less down time for your pet. It also reduces the chances of things like ripped stitches, infection, and more in the healing process. Older pets can also benefit from this type of spay, as it is less invasive and will be less stressful for your pet overall in terms of the procedure itself and the healing process.

Spaying your pet is a must and taking the time to find a great veterinarian that is going to be able to help care for your pet during and after the procedure is a great help. With the right vet and the right spay procedure, your pet can get in and out of surgery and back home to you faster. For those in the Toronto, ON area, Jane Animal Hospital is a great option. Visit us online to schedule your pet's next appointment.

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