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Gastropexy Surgery at Jane Animal Hospital

If you're a longtime pet owner, you may already know that some forms of pet surgery are preventative in nature, rather than a response to an existing health crisis. Spay and neuter surgery is a good example and gastropexy surgery is another. This procedure can stabilize the position of your dog's stomach to prevent a potentially deadly condition called gastric dilatation volvulus, better known as bloat. Having this surgery performed while your pet is healthy and happy could make a big difference in ensuring that he stays that way and we administer the procedure here Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto.

Gastropexy Surgery at Jane Animal Hospital

Gastropexies to Prevent Bloat

Some animals run into trouble when they eat, especially large and deep-chested breeds of dogs such as Standard Poodles, German Shepherd Dogs, and Great Danes. As these dogs consume a meal, the stomach dilates and then twists. The twisting shuts off oxygen and blood supply to the stomach. The bloated stomach may even press against other organs, including the heart, with enough force to limit their blood flow as well. Symptoms of this medical emergency include:

    • Retching or non-productive vomiting
    • Abdominal distention
    • Abdominal pain
    • Drooling
    • Agitation
    • Abnormally fast breathing rate

Once a case of bloat has set in, emergency surgery must often be performed to untwist the stomach and save the animal's life.

Gastropexy is a surgery that prevents the stomach from twisting. It may be performed in the wake of an emergency treatment for bloat or it can be performed preemptively in dogs who are at elevated risk for the condition. If you own a large-breed dog or a dog with a deep chest structure, your faithful friend may benefit from having this procedure performed at our veterinary hospital before trouble can strike.

What to Expect From Our Toronto Veterinarian

Our Toronto veterinarian and the rest of the veterinary team can evaluate your pet to determine whether your pet is a good candidate for a preventative gastropexy. We can perform the traditional open form of this surgery or we can arrange for a minimally-invasive laparoscopic operation. In either type of procedure, the stomach is sutured onto the wall of the abdomen. This holds the stomach in one position so that it can't twist over on itself and produce a life-threatening case of bloat. We administer this surgery under general anesthesia.

If your pet has already experienced bloat, schedule a preventative gastropexy to prevent a second bout. Dogs who skip this procedure have a 70 percent greater chance of recurrence.

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