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Eye Enucleation

Enucleation Surgery at Jane Animal Hospital

Your pet's eyes may be one of the most expressive things about him -- but when one of those eyes has a serious injury or disease, it might have to go. Enucleation, the surgical removal of an eye, is not performed lightly, but under the right circumstances it can drastically improve your pet's everyday comfort or even save his life. We can perform this procedure safely and effectively here at Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto.

Eye enucleation

When Your Pet's Eye Must Be Removed

Your pet's eyes are just as vulnerable as your own to damage. Some pets have a higher risk than others. For instance, if you have a flat-faced or brachycephalic pet, his facial structure offers less protection against foreign objects or other causes of acute eye injuries. A sufficiently severe injury may render the eye unable to see while also introducing the risk of secondary infection. Certain eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma can also rob an eye of vision.

Most pets who lose the use of an eye don't need to have that eye removed; they can simply go about their daily lives without a sense of depth perception (which requires two eyes working in unison). Sometimes, however, it is unwise to let the damaged eye alone. Problems such as glaucoma, cancer, or an uncontrollable infection can make retaining the eye a risky proposition for your pet's overall health. Other pets may find that their disabled eye causes them  constant pain. If all less invasive treatment options have failed to solve the problem, our veterinarian may recommend surgical enucleation.

Expert Care From Your Toronto Veterinarian

Any Toronto veterinarian on our experienced team can provide your pet with the expert surgical care enucleation requires. We will run all the necessary pre-operative tests to confirm that your pet is good candidate for the procedure and determine the right amount of anesthesia to be used. After we remove the damaged or diseased eye, we simply stitch the eyelids closed. (Some pets may also be able to receive a plastic prosthetic to fill out the socket behind the eyelids.) Your pet will then wear a neck collar while the eye heal heals to prevent scratching or rubbing. You may be pleasantly surprised at how easily your pet learns to get around with just one eye.

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