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Extractions of Fractured Teeth

You want your pets to be able to use their teeth for their entire lives, but just like humans, pet teeth are subject to breaking, cracking, and fracturing. Our Toronto-based Jane Animal Hospital understands many common pet dental issues, including extractions of fractured teeth. We can provide the pet dental services your animal needs to stay happy and healthy.


Pets and Fractured Teeth

Any dog owner who has watched their pet chew through bones, rawhides, or just sticks in the backyard knows how impressive a dog's biting power can be.  Common teeth fractures occur when a dog chews through an object harder than their own teeth. Fractured teeth are a painful experience because they often expose the tooth root.  Cats are less likely to fracture their teeth but are curious animals who usually bite onto an object to learn more about it. Cats are not immune from pet oral surgery concerns.

What Do Tooth Fractures Look Like?

Although a pet with a fractured tooth will be very reluctant to open his or her mouth for an inspection, a quick glimpse at a dog or cat's tooth line is sure to reveal whether they have a fractured tooth.  A small fracture does not break through the outside coating of the tooth (the enamel) and may look like a chip. Pets may not even feel this change and may not require treatment.  By contrast, a deeper fracture may expose the nerve, appearing pink within the tooth, and will be so sensitive to the touch that a pet may bite you if you try to touch their mouth.

Are Tooth Fractures a Problem?

Although the problem depending on the severity of the fracture, even a small chip is enough to cause a tooth to be painful or to experience sensitivity, which will impact a pet's quality of life, especially in terms of your pet's ability to eat.  If a pet's enamel is worn down, the tooth becomes more sensitive to pressure, cold, and heat, all of which may be painful for a pet.  A pet who eats on one side of their mouth, refuses food, whines frequently, drools, paws at their mouth, shies away from facial petting, or does not chew hard toys may have a fractured tooth.

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Our team at Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto is experienced in tooth extraction and pet dental treatments.  If your pet has a serious oral health concern like a fractured tooth, contact our staff to get more information about treatment methods, including extractions, to ensure the highest quality of life and health for your pet.

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