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Extractions of Fractured Teeth

Pet Tooth Extractions

Just like humans, pets are prone to accidents, whether they are medical, traumatic, or even dental in nature. That is right, your cat or dog might fall victim to broken, fractured, or chipped teeth. This can be incredibly painful for your pet, so it is important to get your pets the help they need right away to treat fractured teeth. At Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto, Dr. Sterbinsky and our team are dedicated to providing your pet with the highest quality pet care, which includes dental care. We know just how serious a fractured tooth can be, and specialize in the extraction and treatment of fractured teeth.

Extractions of Fractured Teeth

Causes of Fractured Teeth

Fractured teeth in pets can occur for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • Biting on an object that was stronger than their teeth such as bones
  • Weak teeth due to periodontal disease
  • Physical injury such as trauma
  • Accidents including car accidents
  • Chewing on non-bendable chew toys

When your pet’s teeth are fractured, they may not readily be apparent and can become worse over time. Tooth fractures can range in severity from a small crack in the tooth to a chipped tooth, or a severely fractured and broken tooth.

Signs of a Fractured Tooth

Tooth fractures in your pet should be treated by a veterinarian, especially if they are causing painful symptoms. Some signs that your pet might have fractured its teeth include:

  • Changes in eating habits
  • Irritability especially when petting your pet’s mouth area
  • Inability to eat hard food
  • Chewing with one side of the mouth
  • Visible blood especially if the fracture was due to an injury
  • Whimpering
  • Swollen gums
  • Pink gums
  • Swollen jaw

Depending on how severe the fracture is, you will have to either stick to treating your pet with pain medication or opt for removing the fractured tooth.

Veterinarians Can Help

Our veterinarians will determine the severity of the injured tooth, and determine if your pet needs additional dental care for pre-existing issues such as periodontal disease. We will also make sure the tooth extraction is successful, remove any remaining pieces of teeth, and conduct follow-up exams to ensure no infections are present at the site of the extraction.

Get Dental Care for Your Pet in Toronto

Fractured teeth might not need treatment, however, only a veterinarian can determine if your pet needs surgery and provide extractions of fractured teeth. Call our team today at (416) 762-5558 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians at Jane Animal Hospital.

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