Veterinary Referrals

Providing specialized care to support your pet’s needs.

We are a full-service veterinary hospital with top-of-the line equipment and highly experienced veterinarians. Our foremost goal will always be to provide the absolute best medical care for our patients. Sometimes, that means sending them to other hospitals and specialists that can take better care of them. This usually happens when a patient has a rare medical condition that requires treatment from a doctor that specializes in that particular illness.

Do you take on patients from other hospitals?

Yes. We refer our patients to other teams, and we also accept referrals from our colleagues. We welcome patients sent to us by other practices and we treat them like they are our own patients.

How do referrals work?

Paperwork and transferring of documents happens between the two veterinary teams. We will notify the clients if they need to bring anything or take any preparations before their appointments.

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