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Pet Licensing

One thing that many pet owners don't do is get a pet license. They may not understand that it is important. Often times people mean to do it but find that other things get in the way, and they never get a chance to register their pet with the City of Toronto. At Jane Animal Hospital, we can help anyone who is short on time to get a new pet license or renew an expired license. This service is convenient and available to you when you bring your pet in to see our veterinarian for its annual wellness check.


Why Get a License

There are several reasons that pet licensing is important. A few of them include the following:

It is the law: In most places, it is the law that all dogs must be licensed, and in many places, this is also the case with cats. If a pet is found to not be licensed, you will face a fine that is much larger than the original cost of getting the license each year.

Proof of rabies vaccination: Almost everywhere you go you are required to show proof that your pet has been vaccinated against rabies before you are issued a license. In some places, proof of other vaccinations is also required. This helps the city control any rabies breakouts and keeps everyone’s pets safer.

Help fund animal control and shelters: The money that is generated from pet licensing is often used to fund local animal control programs. This allows the city to provide protection for neglected and abused animals. Funding is also directed toward local animal shelters so that animals without homes can be kept off the streets. Shelters provide an environment where animals are safe, not going hungry, and not producing unwanted litters.

It is helpful when finding lost pets: Every license has a unique number. This number can be looked up to find information such as a pet owner's name, current address, and phone number. This helps make it easier to reunite you with your pet should it get out of the yard or somehow get lost. 

Keeps your pet safer: If your pet is picked up on the street, it will likely be taken to an animal shelter until you can be notified. Animals with a current license are kept longer than those without. A current license will provide you with more time to locate your lost pet and get it back home.

We Make It Easy

At Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto, we want to do everything possible to keep your pet happy and healthy. That is why we make it easy for you to get your license right here during a visit to your local veterinarian. Call us at (416) 762-5558 and get your pet license today.

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