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j0422257.jpgJust like people, every pet has special nutritional needs. Proper feeding and diet is definitely one of the most important factors in raising and maintaining a healthy pet. It is important to note that too little or too much of certain nutrients can be detrimental to a pet's health. The nutrients of importance, and the amount that is ideal, vary by life stages, activity level and health condition. Be sure that the foods you choose to feed your pet are 100% nutritionally complete for the particular stage of your pet's life. A good quality pet food will supply all the protein, minerals, and vitamins needed.

Both cats and dogs should not be fed human food. Your pet requires specific nutrients in balanced amounts. The best way to achieve this balance is to feed your pet a scientifically formulated diet, backed by years of extensive knowledge in pet nutrition. Pet foods are one area where you usually get what you pay for!

It is important to feed a high quality, veterinary recommended pet food, and best to stay away from most generic brands of food. Generic (grocery store, pet store) brands of food can substitute low quality protein sources, which cannot be utilized by your pet. We highly recommend premium, high quality pet food. These foods are much more concentrated than typical grocery store brands. Although these foods may appear to cost a little more than commercial store brands, over a months time, cost per day is quite comparable. Because the quality diets are concentrated with high quality ingredients, the amount of food fed will be less, and volume of stool production is decreased.

Your best source in finding the best diet for your pet with his/her specific dietary needs in mind, is to consult with your veterinary team. Regardless of where you purchase your pet's food, we will be happy to help you find the perfect diet for your pet!. 

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