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Dental Cleanings

Plaque left untreated and on your pet's teeth can harden, developing into tartar, which can cause significant health issues for your pet. Seeing a veterinarian on our team for routine pet dental cleanings can help keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy, reducing the chance of developing periodontal disease. Our veterinary care team at Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto, ON, is here to care for your pet's health. 

Dental Cleanings

What Is Involved in a Pet Dental Appointment? 

A veterinarian on our team will conduct a dental exam to confirm a cleaning is necessary. If it is needed, the vet will walk through the steps and procedures involved in the cleaning and discuss any concerns you may have. To prepare for the cleaning, a vet on our team may perform a blood test to ensure your pet's kidney and liver functions are satisfactory for anesthesia. If your pet is healthy, the vet will clear them for a dental cleaning to be scheduled for an appointment. 

What Is Involved in a Dental Cleaning? 

A dental cleaning may include a thorough dental examination, teeth cleaning, and polishing. This treatment removes tartar and periodontal disease-causing plaque, helping provide your pet with a healthy mouth. To conduct the cleaning, your pet will likely be placed under anesthesia to allow a veterinarian on our team to get a closer look at your pet without the risk of injury to your pet or the vet. The vet will also document any conditions or abnormalities in the mouth for diagnosis and treatment during or after the cleaning. 

How Can I Prevent Tartar From Accumulating Again on My Pet's Teeth? 

Several things can be done at home in between dental cleaning appointments to help keep your pet's gums and teeth healthy. At-home dental care includes brushing or rinsing your pet's teeth regularly. In addition, taking care of your pet's teeth and gums using approved dental products for pets helps prevent the buildup of plaque and the possible development of gum disease.

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If it has been a while since your pet's last dental check-up or cleaning, it might be time to visit us for an exam. Routine pet care can include dental examinations, including recommendations for a proper pet dental cleaning. Our team at Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto, ON, are here to help our patients live happy, healthy lives with fresh breath and clean teeth. Call our office at (416) 762-5558 to schedule an appointment with one of our team members. 

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