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Bordetella Vaccine for Dogs

Any pet owner wants to help their pet live the highest quality life possible. Vaccines are an essential aspect of pet care, especially since so many pets naturally gravitate towards germ-breeding objects like garbage and dirt. The Bordetella vaccine is a crucial immunization for dogs that may not be as widely known among pet owners. At Jane Animal Hospital, we have years of experience providing Toronto pet owners with the Bordetella vaccine.


What is Bordetella?

Bordetella is an essential vaccine for any dog that will be in contact with other dogs. Show dogs, training dogs, guide dogs, must all receive this vaccine. Most pet boarding facilities require pet owners to produce paperwork that states their pet has been vaccinated for Bordetella before the pet is allowed to stay. The same is true of training programs.

These concerns are justified. Bordetella is a severe respiratory disease that affects a dog's ability to breathe and exercise. Inflammation from this disease often leads to severe coughing, which is why it is sometimes called kennel cough. Bordetella may go away on its own in younger, fitter dogs. However, the disease is often fatal for older dogs with existing health concerns.

Importance of the Bordetella Vaccine

Bordetella is extremely contagious. Dogs naturally gravitate towards other dogs and engage in behavior that quickly spreads viruses through their breath and their saliva. As such, a single dog in a boarding facility with Bordetella can easily pass it along to countless other dogs over a short period. A dog who lives alone rarely is exposed to other dogs may go its entire life without worrying about Bordetella, but for a dog who is expected to spend time at a boarding facility, this vaccine is mandatory.

Receiving the Vaccine

Our veterinarian recommends each dog be vaccinated for Bordetella at least once per year, and always before a dog is scheduled for boarding or any other event that will place them in contact with many other canines. Boosters every six months will further increase the effectiveness of this vaccine.

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