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The Veterinary Care and Nurture Center of Toronto

 If you live in Toronto and are looking for an animal hospital that will provide quality veterinary services at any given point of your pet’s life, then look no further. Jane Animal Hospital is the place where pets are accorded the tender loving care and treatment that helps them heal better and get back to their happy, healthy and normal lives. We prefer to equip your pet with preventative care that will begin shortly after birth because we believe early screening will nip some diseases in the bud before they can become expensive and painful in the long run. Our veterinarian checks kittens and puppies thoroughly and puts them through various laboratory tests, measurements of their vital signs, vaccinations and general inspections to ensure they are on the right health path from the very start.


Our Services in Toronto

We take great care to ensure that the animals in our hands are as comfortable and safe as they can be  while receiving treatment. Our animal hospital is fully equipped with the latest technology in modern  medicine to carry out surgeries to help in growth and tumor removals, curative treatment for eyes,  internal and orthopedic procedures, and neuter and spay procedures and operation of the soft tissue. We also offer comprehensive dental services for your pet. We recommend that he comes in for a regular wellness check not less than once every year. This way, our certified veterinarian dentists will be better placed to prevent buildups and dental disorders, and ailments that stem from them such as kidney and heart disease.


If you are going away for a while and need someone to take care of your pet for you, we are at your  service. Our facility will offer comfortable accommodation and welcoming hospitality along with the pet  care of the highest caliber until you get back. We believe in prevention and early diagnosis as a foundation for good health. In partnership with certified cardiologists, specialists of endoscopy and radiologists, we perform blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, screenings, and physical examinations, our goal being accurate diagnosis and treatment of a condition, injury, or illness at just the right time before it becomes severe. We also serve to advise pet owners on how best to feed their pets putting into consideration important factors such as the age of the animal, medical condition, restrictions of the diet and financial capability.

Book Your Appointment Today, Contact Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto, ON! These are just a few of the services we offer in Toronto at Jane Animal Hospital. We recommend  booking in advance to avoid waiting in line, but we will be with you all the same. Call (416) 762-5558  today for an appointment with our veterinarian.

Jane Animal Hospital Mission and Values Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality veterinary care to our patients and to ensure that pet owners have clear and up-to-date information to make decisions on behalf of their beloved animal companions. We know that pets are more than just animals that share our living space. They are members of the family that go through good times and bad with us. They teach us about survival, love, and loyalty. As a result, we owe them the best possible care, delivered with gentleness and compassion, to ensure they are healthy and happy throughout their lives.

Providing the Highest Quality Pet Care

We understand that providing the highest quality pet care requires determining the individual needs of every animal in our care. We are committed to listening to pet owners’, knowing their intimate knowledge of the animal’s habits and personality can provide important information that allows us to provide the best possible treatments for them. We pride ourselves on being available for questions and concerns to ensure that your pet receives the care they need.

Educating Pet Owners in Proper Care

Another one of our practice values is that we take our responsibility to provide information to pet owners on pet care, pet health and treatment of illnesses very seriously. Like other areas of our society, veterinary care has seen many innovations and improvements. Our task is to educate pet owners on many options in veterinary care and how they can be used to support the health and well being of their pets.

Providing A Broad Range of Services

We understand that pets may need a range of veterinary services at different stages of life. Young animals may require more emphasis on nutrition and behavioral counseling. Adult animals may require greater attention to routine care such as teeth cleaning, weight management and the monitoring for the development of certain health problems. Older animals may require more diagnostic testing, medication, and management of health conditions. We also provide walk-in and emergency care for animals that have developed a sudden illness or injury. And finally, we offer to board, so that you can travel, knowing your pet is well cared for and secure. These services are just a few of the options we offer as partners in the care of your pet.

Helping Pet Owners To Manage Veterinary Expenses

We know that pet owners want the best care for their beloved companions and that veterinary expenses can sometimes be a burden to family budgets. We are dedicated to working with pet owners to find affordable ways to provide appropriate care for their pets.

Make Jane Animal Hospital Your Toronto Veterinarian

Jane Animal Hospital offers extended hours to ensure we are available when needed. We are always happy to answer questions regarding your pet’s health. Contact Jane Animal hospital today at (416) 762-5558 to learn more about the services offered and the dedication to excellence that makes our practice so unique.

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