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Wellness Testing

Today's medical technology is helping humans live longer and healthier lives.  This same technology is available for your pet.  We can help you learn important information about your pet's health.


As your pet ages, physiological changes may occur which may not be detected through a physical examination.  A simple blood screen, referred to as a Wellness Test can help aid in the diagnosis of early stages of diseases or illnesses such as pancreatitis, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease and/or thyroid abnormalities.  If detected early, these illnesses can be prevented or controlled resulting in a higher quality and happier life for your pet.  The results of these blood tests also provides an individual baseline for your pet, which can be extremely useful for comparison in the event of future illness.

A wellness test is comprised of a combination of specific tests that are recommended according to your pet's age and individual needs.

What will a wellness test tell us about your pet?


The information from a Complete Blood Count (CBC) will aid in the detection of anemia, infection, and blood clotting disorders.  Red blood cells (which carry oxygen to the body), white blood cells (which fight infection), and platelets (necessary for blood clotting) are assessed.  Microscopic examination of the blood will also detect any abnormal cells.


The Biochemistry Profile evaluates the function of internal organs and determines if they are working normally.

This profile looks at the health of the liver and gall bladder and can detect decreased liver function, inflammation, tissue damage, and bile blockage.

These tests provide information about kidney function.  Specific tests within the wellness panel can indicate kidney disease.

Abnormal pancreatic function can be detected using these tests, including pancreatitis, diabetes mellitus, and pancreatic insufficiencies.

The Biochemistry Profile can also help assess the health of muscle and bone.  It can indicate whether there is inflammation, trauma, damage to the skeletal muscle, and overall bone health.

Elements from this blood panel can give us information about the body's electrical system and how the body's cells communicate with each other.

The wellness test also looks at the function of the thyroid gland, which is the body's metabolic thermostat.

Wellness testing can be performed at any time.  Most clients choose to perform the wellness test on their pet at the time of the annual examination or heartworm test.  Ask one of our team members how together we can increase the life expectancy of your pet.

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