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COVID-19: How It Affects Pets


There is confusion in the world about the vulnerability of animals to the coronavirus. Although the disease most likely originated in an animal, doctors and scientists are still uncertain about the effects of COVID-19 on pets. At Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto, Canada, our mission is to educate owners and keep them and their pets safe during this pandemic. Here is what we know about pets and coronavirus.

Can Pets Get COVID-19?

Yes. Animals are at risk of contracting the illness. However, for now, it’s rare. Cats seem to be more susceptible than others as more cases have been reported in felines. A pug in North Carolina, though, received a positive diagnosis for the disease, so dogs are not entirely immune. Scientists are somewhat baffled because dogs and cats traditionally carry their own coronaviruses that don’t spread to humans. Yet, this novel coronavirus has the ability to jump from one species to another, which makes it difficult to predict. Although pets can contract the illness, the number of cases is low and not seen as the main contributor to the spread of the disease. However, pet owners should be on alert still.

Can Pets Transmit The Coronavirus? 

While it is possible, researchers have found more human-to-animal transmissions than animal-to-human. Most scientists agree that the threat of pets spreading the coronavirus is minimal. Up to now, the infectiousness of the disease makes it hard to rule anything out. The knowledge we have about the coronavirus and the low number of cases in pets suggests that the virus spreads much more easily between humans than it does between humans and animals. However, the exact properties of the disease are still a mystery, and it never hurts to air on the side of caution.

How to Protect Your Pets from The Coronavirus

At this time, appropriate social distancing is the best course of action, even for pets. Don’t let your pets wander into other yards or unknown areas. Minimize their direct contact with other animals and humans. If you live with someone who is especially vulnerable to the disease, it may be wise to limit contact between this person and your pets. If you take precautions, your pets will be perfectly safe. COVID-19 is a frightening illness, but for now, it does not appear that animals are in danger.

Keep Your Pets Safe From COVID-19

At Jane Animal Hospital, our staff of passionate veterinarians is dedicated to helping the people of Toronto, Canada, keep their pets safe and healthy during this uncertain time. To find out more about our practice or book an appointment with one of our veterinarians, give us a call today at (416) 762-5558.

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