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covid-19 update

When it comes to going out in public where Coronavirus infections are a concern, everyone has questions. It’s the same here at Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. Our clients have many valid and thoughtful questions that deserve answers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions our veterinarians get on Covid-19.

Can Pets Contract Covid-19?

At this time only three pets in the world have been confirmed to have carried the virus. These were one cat and one dog in Hong Kong and one cat in Belgium. These animals tested positive as carriers but did not develop symptoms. This means close contact with these animals may be a potential vector for the spread of the virus, but non-humans do not seem to be able to contract the disease.

Can My Pets Spread Covid-19?

We know that the virus can remain viable on surfaces for several hours up to several days. By surfaces, we usually mean hard, inorganic surfaces like tile, plastic, or marble. Porous surfaces like an animal’s hair or skin are far less likely to transmit the virus as it is prone to get trapped inside porous surfaces where it will eventually cease to be viable. This does not mean that a person with the virus cannot interact with an animal and then spread the virus to another person who interacts with the same animal at a later point. All normal precautions should be taken as such methods of spreading the virus are possible, but we believe they are an unlikely way for the virus to spread.

Can Leashes, Collars, and Pet Carriers Carry the Virus?

Any non-porous surface is a potential vector for the spread of the virus. If you interact with any objects or surfaces that have come into contact with strangers or someone who you know has tested positive for Covid-19, be sure those objects are properly disinfected before handling them.

Should I Avoid Contact with Pets if I Have Tested Positive for Covid-19?

If the pet is likely to interact with other people who are outside your home, have not tested positive, or may come into close contact with immune-compromised individuals within hours of your interaction with the animal, you should refrain from interacting with that pet. If you have tested positive, your pets should be restricted to your company only if at all possible.

Veterinary Care in Toronto

If you have tested positive, please let your veterinarian know before coming in for your appointment. We will use special measures to ensure that our staff and other clients remain safe during the treatment of your dog, cat, or other pets. Are you in need of veterinary care in Toronto? Call Jane Animal Hospital today at (416) 762-5558 to schedule an appointment.

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