COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. That’s as true for pets as it is for people. The pandemic has changed a few things in regards to veterinary care but it is still available and important to keep your furry friends healthy. Whether your pet needs an ultrasound, regular shots, or anything else, Jane Animal Hospital in Toronto is here to help. Here’s what you need to know about COVID-19, your pets, and how it is impacting the veterinary care world.

Are Pets at Risk From COVID-19?

The short answer is no. While there have been some disputed cases of tigers contracting COVID-19 in international zoos, these stories are extremely rare. The CDC and other health organizations have all recommended against routinely testing pets for the disease because the threat level is so low. There is not sufficient testing and data to say that spreading the disease is impossible, but the extreme rarity of known cases is encouraging. You need not worry about your pets regarding this infection.
If you are still worried, the best defensive action you can take is to limit your pet’s contact with other people. It’s fine for you to be in contact with your pet, but exposing your pet to fewer people who live outside of your household is the best precautionary measure to take.

COVID-19 Safety Procedures

While pets are not at significant risk, pet owners and veterinary staff are at risk. Because of that, we have instituted special COVID-19 procedures. We are still open for pet care. Your pets can still get everything they need. We have adjusted our schedule to make more time for sanitizing the workplace. This is intended to reduce the risk for everyone. We are also implementing procedures to reduce human-to-human contact when you bring your pet to see us. One key procedure is our pet valet. Please see our list of special procedures or contact us for more information.

Providing Pet Care in Uncertain Times

It’s a time of heightened stress and concern, but your pet still has full access to all of the health services they need. Jane Animal Hospital is fully committed to providing animal care with the same efficacy, determination, and accessibility as always. If you live in or around Toronto and you need a veterinarian for a checkup or something more, call us today at 416-762-5558 to schedule an appointment. We will provide the quality veterinary care that your pet needs to ensure they live a happy and healthy life.

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