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Monthly Archives: October 2015
  • Welcome to our New Blog!
    Welcome to the start of our blog. I am hoping that over time we will be able to provide more insight into the daily events at the Jane Animal Hospital as Read more
  • Vets and Their Pets
    Vets and Their Pets Every day my colleagues and I see many pets, old and young, sick and healthy, cats and dogs. We examine your pets and make our recommendations to Read more
  • Saying Goodbye to Charlie
    Every pet owner will one day face the inevitable decision to euthanize their pet. For us at the Jane Animal hospital, the decision came recently when we collectively decided it was Read more
  • Microchipping your Pet is Recommended
    When you bring your pet, cat or dog, to the vet for their checkups, you should talk to your vet about microchipping. Even if you are sure that your cat Read more
  • Kittens Kittens Kittens!
    Kittens Kittens Kittens! Last September I was working at the reception desk at our sister hospital the Richview Animal Hospital and got a call from one of our co-op students that she Read more
  • Dog Talk - It Takes All Kinds!
    This morning started off happier than usual! My first appointment this morning involved an overly excited yellow lab that couldn’t contain her excitement at coming to the vet. She bounced Read more

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